My Independence Day Family Tradition

A special holiday that started a new country and new family traditions.

Independence Day (AKA The Fourth of July) has been a nationally celebrated holiday since 1941, but it originally dates back to 1776 when our congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. This year, The Fourth of July is on a Thursday.

The Fourth of July is a day for fireworks, ice cream, grilling out, and family. Many people go to nearby lakes to go boating and enjoy the environment for the weekend.

This is my favorite holiday and for as long as I can remember, my whole family has gone to our lake house. Although times have changed and we now have a condo instead of a house, the tradition still remains.

We get down there the night before and pack in, which means bringing a lot of air mattresses. Then the next morning we wake up early and put on swimsuits and go to the dock.

Once we get down there we go tubing and have the same competition every year; who can have the best wipe out. My cousin Kelsey and I are still in the lead with a back flip and a double bounce flip off.

We come back up for lunch and change into different swimsuits. We go back to the dock to tan and talk after.

Spending the day at the lake leaves us hungry, so we go eat my Grandma’s famous mac and cheese, and it always causes an argument between the cousins of who got the most. My Granddad grills out hot dogs and hamburgers and we all sit at one big table to have a feast.

After dinner comes my favorite part: homemade ice cream. It may be a little soft and not Baskin-Robbins level, but it means the world to me. Since I was a kid, I’ve helped my Grandad make it. My job would be the pouring of the chocolate syrup. Homemade ice cream is a very special tradition that I hope to carry on with my children.

To finish the night, we sit out on the porch and watch the fireworks light up the sky. Personally, I love fireworks and how they are so bright. Fireworks capture your attention and make you feel like a child again.

I am thankful that the start to a new country has given so many people a new life and more freedom. Most of all I am grateful that this holiday has led to family traditions that I hope to carry with me for the rest of my life.