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A Teacher’s Influence Changes Lives

May 5, 2019

Teachers are a big part of students' lives. They guide students towards a successful future. For 13 years (K-12), we spend hours upon hours with our teachers. They become like our parents sometimes, and they influence us and help shape who we become.  At Dunbar, we have some pretty great teachers. Teachers are judged regularly by their students, but how do they determine what makes a good teacher...

Dunbar Teachers Share Unique Hobbies

October 20, 2017

Every day, teachers come into the Dunbar building with one thing in mind: educating their students and setting them on the right path. But many teachers have a rich life outside of the classroom as well. From dancing and acting to horseback riding and even woodworking, Dunbar teachers have a variety of skills and hobbies that make them unique. Mrs. Williams Mrs. Michelle Williams is a social studies...

New Teachers and New Roles at Dunbar

September 22, 2017

This school year, Dunbar has welcomed many new staff members. Whether these members are new to Dunbar or have received a new title, 18 new positions have been filled.  Several new staff members have had very positive things to say about their experience at Dunbar so far, raving about the staff and students.  "I love it," said math teacher Ms. Mary Moore said. “The kids are won...

Dunbar Teachers With Cool Hobbies

February 9, 2017

A common childhood myth about teachers is that they never leave the building, so it can be shocking for students to see a teacher outside of school. Here is a look at several Dunbar teachers' lives outside of school. Mrs. Brooke Jackson   English and drama teacher Mrs. Brooke Jackson said that she has been involved in theater her whole life. She said she’s always "had a thing for the spotlight," and that her first passi...

Teachers to Students: You Inspire Me

November 2, 2016

This year, our informal motto has been to "make Dunbar feel smaller." In a school of nearly 2400, it's easy for all of us to lose sight of the wonderful people in our building, so after being inspired by another school's message of gratitude and unity, we decided to challenge our own teachers to let students who inspire them know how much they care. We are so proud to be able to show you our school...

 Keriann Ferguson with FAME honoree Mrs. Devon Roxberry

Dunbar Students Honor Teachers Through FAME Awards

April 7, 2016

The annual Fayette County FAME awards are a time for students to reflect on and express their appreciation for a former coach, teacher, or administrator from their current school or past school that has had an important impact on their life, and the 2016 results were recently released. Although all high school seniors are invited to participate, 42 students from Dunbar sent in submissions for this...

Senior Kelsey Folsom poses at the FAME awards on May 8, 2015 with her nominated teacher, Mrs. Brooke Noe, who graduated from Dunbar in 2008.

Students Show Appreciation for Teachers with FAME

May 22, 2015

The Fame Awards is a ceremony that acknowledges teachers and their exceptional bonds with their students. Graduating seniors are given a form to fill out as well as an essay to turn in reflecting on the specific teacher they have chosen in order to submit them as a nominee for the Fame Awards. Many students take advantage of this as an opportunity to share the wonderful qualities of their favorite...

Interpreting the Student Voice Survey Results

May 6, 2015

81...74...99...60. Is it a sleep number? An Age? An IQ? No, it's Kentucky teachers' ratings based on the recent Student Voice Survey that many Dunbar students took last month. Students logged into their Infinite Campus accounts and had a survey for every teacher/coach/extracurricular sponsor they work with at Dunbar. The only exception were either students who had been in attendance fewer than 15 ...

Being a Teen in the 90’s

March 27, 2015

High school back in the 90’s was waaaay different than today. Or was it? For the PLD's 25th anniversary, the Lamplighter asked current Dunbar teachers who were in high school in the 1990s about what has changed, and what they think has stayed the same. Music is perhaps the best place to start. Nothing describes a person better than what they listen to. And when we asked, the answers we got ...