Dunbar Teachers With Cool Hobbies

From participating in roller derby to playing in a band, Dunbar teachers have unique hobbies.

A common childhood myth about teachers is that they never leave the building, so it can be shocking for students to see a teacher outside of school. Here is a look at several Dunbar teachers’ lives outside of school.

Mrs. Brooke Jackson


Courtney Brewer
Mrs. Brooke Jackson directing students during the musical rehearsal.

English and drama teacher Mrs. Brooke Jackson said that she has been involved in theater her whole life. She said she’s always “had a thing for the spotlight,” and that her first passion was singing. In middle school she was in the Children’s Choir at the University of Cincinnati. When she entered high school, she joined drama classes at Dunbar, participating in musicals such as Cinderella and High School Musical. She graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in English, and now serving as a teacher at her alma mater, Mrs. Jackson co-sponsors the drama club, and directs and produces many plays throughout the year with Mrs. Alicia Henning. Outside of school, Mrs. Jackson still sings and participates in professional theater performances and plans to audition for plays this summer.

Ms. Emily Storch


Hannah Story
Ms. Storch at practice.

For nine years, Dunbar art teacher Ms. Emily Storch has played in roller derby for various professional teams. Currently, she skates with the Rollergirls of Central Kentucky, a WFTDA team. She said that a friend introduced her to the sport in college, and that she became enamored of the sport. Her biggest challenge? She attempted to join a team right away, but she was rejected. “I had to learn how to skate,” she said. Now she often “jams” for her team, a position given to the fastest and best skaters on the team. She was attracted to roller derby, she said, because the sport gives players the chance to express themselves on the track. Ms. Storch and her team play other teams from around the region, and home bouts are played at the Lexington Convention Center.

Mr. Trevor Tremaine


Hannah Story
Mr. Tremaine plays guitar.

English teacher Mr. Trevor Tremaine said that he has been around music his whole life. It began, he said, with his grandparents who were involved in music through their church. He said that he first experienced music through “old-fashioned ragtime” and that he continued his music education through the influence of his father, who played in a jazz band. Now, Mr. Tremaine plays several instruments in his band, ATTEMPT. “I can’t imagine my life without music,” he said. Mr. Tremaine said that he spends time recording different instruments that he puts together using a digital audio workstation.


Mr. Matt Turner


Courtesy of Mr. Matt Turner
Mr. Turner’s farm hosts baby Forstenii turtles.

AP Environmental Science and Biology teacher, Mr. Matt Turner, said that his passion for science that reaches beyond the classroom. A few years ago he said that he and his father decided to use a few open acres of their land to create a turtle farm. That farm is now home to over 20 different breeds of turtles. With over a hundred turtles, Mr. Turner said that he spends a lot of time caring for each animal. He also uses his hobby to enhance his classes, bringing in turtles to teach students about the species and to bring about awareness to conservation issues.