Illuminating the News for the Students by the Students

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Illuminating the News for the Students by the Students

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Illuminating the News for the Students by the Students

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Teagan Garrison

Teagan Garrison, Staff Reporter

I'm Teagan Garrison and I have been on Lamplighter for two years. I have been the Torch Podcast Editor for most of my time on staff, and can't wait to produce more fun and interesting episodes. While on staff, I have made countless episodes and written several articles. My favorites of which, being the Snackchat episodes and my article titled "Must Read Summer Books."

I'm a senior this year and I can't wait to use the skills Lamplighter has taught me in my future.

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The signing of Title IX into law in 1972 opened the door to athletics for women and girls in sports, but it hasnt been enough.

Female Athletes Still Struggling for Equality

Teagan Garrison, Mike Marshall, and Allison O'Hara March 24, 2020

Male and female athletes have yet to maintain an equal playing field. Whether these biases come from expectations, familial roles, or physical and verbal treatment, it's clear that men and women are held...

#23 goes up for the layup to get points for PLD.

Lady Bulldogs Advance in the 11th Region Tournament

Teagan Garrison, Staff Reporter March 3, 2020

Dunbar faced off against Berea right in the Dawg Pound. The Lady Bulldogs immediately took charge, winning the tip-off. After a small work-around, Dunbar’s #5 junior Elise Ellison-Coons easily scored...

Haley Gadd, #42, goes up for the rebound to get the ball from Lexington Catholic.

Dunbar Defeats Lexington Catholic in the 43rd District Semifinal

Teagan Garrison and Kennedy Gayheart February 27, 2020

On Feb. 26, the Dunbar Bulldogs met the Lexington Catholic Knights to play for a chance in the 43rd District Championship.  Lexington Catholic started the game-winning the tip-off, but struggled from...

#23 Tim Hall finds the open man on the outside after getting a rebound.

Dunbar Sneaks Away With a Win

Teagan Garrison, Staff Reporter January 30, 2020

The Lafayette Generals met the Dunbar Bulldogs in the Dawg Pound on January 28th, and both teams came to fight.  With strong defenses from both teams, scoring in the first quarter was significantly...

#20 Cheyenne Fullwood steels the ball and drives down the court for a layup.

Dunbar Shut Down Henry Clay in Huge Win

Teagan Garrison, Staff Reporter January 21, 2020

On Jan. 16, the Henry Clay Blue Devils faced off against the Lady Bulldogs right in the Dawg Pound. Dunbar got the game started, winning the tip-off and taking the ball up the court. The Bulldogs’ tough...

#18 Nyla Gains running up to hit the ball with Henry Clay players rising to attempt to block it

Dunbar falls to Henry Clay in the 11th Region Championships

Teagan Garrison, Staff Reporter November 7, 2019

On Oct. 30, both Henry Clay’s and Dunbar’s volleyball teams came to fight. Both teams had had good seasons coming into the matchup, Dunbar ranked 6th in the state and Henry clay ranked 9th. Henry Clay...

No Unaccompanied Minors at Games

No Unaccompanied Minors at Games

Teagan Garrison, Podcast Editor September 11, 2019

An unexpected incident took place during the fourth quarter of the Bryan Station v. Frederick Douglass football game on Aug. 23. Apparently, “unaccompanied minor students” inaccurately claimed that...

Chris Williams and Mason Curtis pictured in the Dunbar Library.

Junior Year is the Hardest Year

Teagan Garrison, Torch Editor May 31, 2019

Dear Sophomores, You did it--you’re an upperclassman! Now school will really start to hit you in the face. The ACT, thinking about a college, and more AP classes and tests than you can count will...

Three Dunbar sophomores holding book number three on Teagans list.

Must Read Summer Books

Teagan Garrison, Podcast Editor May 30, 2019

Whether you’re a social person or not, free time is guaranteed during summer break. One of the best ways to make use of that time and keep your brain on its toes is to read. Here are 7 high-quality books...

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, who signed SB7030 into law early this month.

Florida Teachers Are Now Allowed to Enter Schools Armed

Teagan Garrison, Torch Editor May 9, 2019

The Florida House of Representatives passed a new bill that will expand the already existing Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program, which is named after the assistant football coach who passed away protecting...

Darius Derden preparing for AP exams by taking a practice test in Dunbars Library.

Teagan’s AP Survival Guide

Teagan Garrison, Podcast Editor May 6, 2019

AP Exams have begun, so this time of year is the most stressful for everyone: teachers, students and parents. But proper preparation for AP Exams could ease some of that stress.  In my survival guide,...

Snack Chat with Eleanor

Teagan Garrison, Podcast Editor April 29, 2019 The premiere of a new series called Snack Chat. In this episode, Teagan and Alexis talk about older siblings with feature friend Eleanor.

Episode 2: It’s Not Necessary

Teagan Garrison, Podcast Editor April 29, 2019 The second episode of the Stress series, in which Teagan interviews Alexis about not having stress.

Episode 1: The Perfectionist

Teagan Garrison, Podcast Editor April 29, 2019 In the first episode of Torch Season Five, Teagan discusses stress with a perfectionist, Chris Williams.

Lighting the Torch, Season 5

Teagan Garrison, Torch Editor April 26, 2019

Illustration of a diverse group of women holding a sign with the popular phrase, The Future is Female. Feminism and empowerment are often a topic of interest for Generation Z.

How to Be Involved on International Women’s Day

Teagan Garrison, Podcast Editor March 8, 2019

In 1769, The United States decreed that women could not own property in their name, or keep earned wages. In 1848, The Seneca Falls Convention was held, and the 300 attendees signed The Declaration...

(Left to right) Rylan, Teagan, Taige, Reece, and Rayley Garrison (not pictured).

Why Being the Middle Child is the Best

Teagan Garrison, Staff Reporter December 16, 2018

In the highly controversial argument of who is the best child, a lot of people say it’s the oldest because they get whatever they want, and others say it’s the youngest because they get away with everything....

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