Dunbar’s Win Plummets Madison Southern

The Bulldogs defeated Madison Southern on Dec. 10.

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  • #2 looks for a teammate to pass it to, to try and score a basket.

  • #42 gets the rebound, and tries to pass it to another teammate.

  • #5 shoots the ball to aim for a 3 pointer.

  • #23 shoots for a free throw to try and get a point for her team.

  • #13 passes it to her teammate to try and score.

  • #2 shoots for a free throw to try to get a point for her team.

  • #13 goes around a Madison Southern player to shoot for a layup.

  • #13 tries to keep the ball away from Madison Southern.

  • #23 goes up for the layup to get points for PLD.

  • #13 gets possession after fighting for it with the other team.

  • #5 runs to get the ball, so the other team doesn’t have the possession.

  • #23 goes up for the layup.

  • #23 begins to throw the ball to her teammate, to keep away from the other team.

  • #13 dribbles the ball down the court, looking for someone to pass the ball to.

  • #5 takes the ball down the court to try to get a layup to score points for the team.