The Vulnerability of Black Cats

During October, black cats experience an increased risk of danger as many prepare for the spooky season

“If a black cat crosses your path it brings bad luck with it.”

This is a common superstition surrounding our furry feline friends. Most people who entertain this myth simply avoid black cats year-round but, during October, some superstitious people take it to the extreme and attack black cats. 

Cats have a history of being associated with magic and witchcraft. Black cats in particular have always had a negative connotation surrounding them tied with dark magic.

During the Salem Witch trials, black cats were mistreated alongside those accused of witchcraft. Many believed these cats were demons disguised as harmless felines sent to spy on humans by witches. Some even went as far as to claim black cats are vessels for the devil to do evil amongst humans without them finding out.  

Medieval folklore has also shrouded the reputation of these benevolent creatures.

Back during the time of plagues and generally short life spans, animals with dark features became heavily associated with death. This usually stemmed from the fear that birds like crows and ravens brought misfortune with them wherever they flew. Horror stories involving black cats bringing death show up all around the world.

In North America specifically, black cats are tied with bad luck. This can be anything from bad omens to signs of imminent death. 

During October, most shelters and humane societies refuse to allow black cats to be adopted for their protection.

This is because, along with people causing harm to black cats to rid the world of their “evil”, others have been observed using them for satanic rituals as they believe they’re directly tied to Lucifer. 

This cruelty is something these cats are used to but it comes in many forms. Some people will adopt black cats as Halloween decorations. They’ll adorn the unknowing cat with accessories for their next spooky party.

Similarly, people will adopt cats as a part of their costumes. Then when they’re done with them they’ll dump them back in the shelters after using them as no more than a mere prop. 

Since these shelters have protections in place for the cats, these grim individuals will look for other places for black cats. This is why it is imperative that people keep all black cats inside during October.

To be safe all cats should be kept inside especially on Halloween but everyone should look out for the harmless, innocent black cats that may be roaming in neighborhoods.