What’s Your Song?

PLD’s newest club, Karaoke Club, will meet again on March 21.

The Karaoke Club was founded by senior Nisarg Patil to give students the opportunity to have a great time singing their favorite songs with friends at school. It is sponsored by English teacher Mrs. Colleen Burns.

“Karaoke Club is a bright new idea that started with just another silly idea,” said Patil. “I quickly realized it was a great idea and could add to the diverse set of clubs already established at Dunbar and provide a new outlet for students.”

Last year, Patil founded the lettuce club as well as putt-putt club which were both sponsored by math teacher Mr. Seth Young. Patil’s main goal is to create enjoyable activities for students to participate in at school.

“After Lettuce club and Putt Putt club I figured why not; I want to leave a legacy of fun and entertainment behind at Dunbar after I leave,” said Patil.

The Karaoke Club plans to meet every other Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. in room 104. Students of all grade levels are welcome, and no prior singing experience is required.

“It was a really fun and friendly atmosphere and it was just a bunch of goofing around with music and singing. Everyone was having fun and hanging out,” said junior Zaira Almanza.

At the meetings, students participating will write down their song requests. These songs are then played with lyrics so that everyone can sing along.

After the first club meeting, senior Murphy Powell said, “Even though half of us are tone-deaf, I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun at a school club. Overall, it’s just a great feeling to bond with Dunbar students, some who I know and some that I’ve never met, and just enjoy everything that’s happening in the moment.”

The next Karaoke Club meeting will be on March 21.

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  • Seniors Murphy Powell and Grace Kelly applaud after a karaoke performance in Mrs. Burns’ room after school.

  • Juniors Molly Mohr and Sahar Mohammadzadeh sit and listen to people singing at Karaoke Club.

  • Students sit in Mrs. Burns’ room and watch people sing in Karaoke Club.

  • Senior Robert Graham sings “All Star” during Karaoke Club in Mrs. Burns’ room after school.