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How To Start A Club

How To Start A Club

September 16, 2019

Starting a club at Dunbar is not as hard as it may seem. There are four steps in the club-founding process. First, you should make sure there isn’t already a club that fits your idea in school. You can find a list of sponsored clubs here.  You can gather with friends who share just about any interest, even if it’s just eating lettuce.  It should be noted that sports teams need to be sponsored by a...

Leadership Clubs at Dunbar

Leadership Clubs at Dunbar

September 13, 2019

Leadership clubs allow students to learn valuable skills that could support future success. Leadership skills show prospective colleges that a student is passionate, involved and has interpersonal skills. Youth in Government  Youth in Government is a club sponsored by Ms. Maggie Bertling. It prepares students for the state conference Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA). In the club freshman and Sopho...

Book Club

March 5, 2019

Dunbar's Book Club is for students who are interested in reading and exploring new genres of books. School Librarian, Mrs. Summer Perry, hosts book club in the library during lunch. Anyone can join or stop by any time if interested. Contact Mrs. Summer Perry if interested or for more details.

Barks and Recreation Club

February 17, 2019

Barks and Recreation is a new club to Dunbar. This club often hosts fundraisers for the Lexington Humane Society. Those involved visit and donate to the Humane Society. You can help out by visiting and playing with the animals and help find them new homes. This club is sponsored by Mrs. Miranda Nesbitt. Please contact her for more information or stop by room 113 if you have any questions....

Tabletop Gaming Club

January 20, 2019

Dunbar Tabletop club is for students who are interested in playing board games like Dungeons and Dragons, Settlers of Catan, or Magic: The Gathering. Those who are interested can contact Mrs. Bilkha (room 600). The club is open to anyone and drop-ins are welcome!  

Film Club

December 10, 2018

Like Film Studies? Dunbar's Film Club is a space where students who love the quality of film and the technology behind filmmaking can come together to experience a variety of movies from different time periods. Mr. Mau is looking for new members due to the graduation of last year's members. If you are interested please contact him via email or visit his room (105) in the English department. Anyone c...

Anime Club

December 3, 2018

Are you interested in the art ofAnime? Well, then Dunbar's Anime Club may be the right fit for you. Students gather in Mr. Gary Egan's room to watch many types of Anime. If you're interested you can contact Mr. Gary Egan or stop by his room (112). Everyone is welcome and anyone can join.

Ping Pong Club

November 15, 2018

Ping Pong club is held after school on Thursdays in the Cafeteria. Club sponsor, Ms. Amanda Holt, said that players don’t need any experience to join. "It's just a fun way to meet new people and it's a good source of active movement," she said. For more information, stop by her room (108) or email her at [email protected]

Art Club

October 22, 2018

Art Club is held in Mrs. Storch’s room (712) and students can come to express their artistic skill. She has paper, paints, drawing utensils, and other items available so all you have to bring is yourself. Art club meets on Thursdays and anyone can join.  

Technology Student Association Conquers State Competition

Technology Student Association Conquers State Competition

May 11, 2018

The Technology Student Association (TSA) is a club meant to help students explore future areas in career and college. TSA offers members opportunities within areas of leadership, innovation, design, engineering and STEM. There are competitions at the regional, state and national levels. Students complete projects for each competitive event from Technology Bowl and Essays on Technology to Animatronic...

Cardistry club shows off the many different kinds of decks they use to perform.

Card Fanatics are Crazy about the PLD Cardistry Club

April 10, 2018

On April 9, junior Yostin Blanco successfully convinced Dunbar's Student-Based Decision Making Council to approve a new school club for card fanatics.

Dunbar Club Educates Community on Bees

Dunbar Club Educates Community on Bees

April 8, 2018

The Community Problem Solving Team at Dunbar has been collaborating on a year-long project, B.E.E. (Broadcasting Environmental Endangerment), aimed at educating local youth about the rapidly declining bee population in Kentucky and across the world and informing them about what they can do to help. The group has created a series of educational videos discussing why bees are important and the many factors...