How To Start A Club

How To Start Your Own Club


Starting a club at Dunbar is not as hard as it may seem. There are four steps in the club-founding process.

First, you should make sure there isn’t already a club that fits your idea in school. You can find a list of sponsored clubs here.  You can gather with friends who share just about any interest, even if it’s just eating lettuce

It should be noted that sports teams need to be sponsored by an official organization like KHSAA. However, you can create after-school sports-related clubs like the Ping Pong Club. 

The second step is to find a sponsor who is on Dunbar’s staff. In other words, a teacher willing to facilitate your club in their room after school. Make sure that this teacher is not already sponsoring another club, as it is difficult to stay after school looking after two different clubs at once.

Once you find someone, make sure that you can find a day of the week that you are both available. 

Next, you’ll need to write a club proposal and sample meeting itinerary, and a written statement of its purpose and goals even if it’s just to socialize and have fun. The proposal is then turned into the front office to be put on the School-Based Decision Making (SBDM) committee’s monthly agenda.

Finally, the fourth and last step is to await approval from SBDM and then find some people who are interested in joining your club by advertising to classes or by putting up posters. 

Once you get official approval from SBDM, you can start up your club as an official club president at Dunbar.