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Snack Chat with Eleanor

April 29, 2019 The premiere of a new series called Snack Chat. In this episode, Teagan and Alexis talk about older siblings with feature friend Eleanor.

Episode 2: It’s Not Necessary

April 29, 2019 The second episode of the Stress series, in which Teagan interviews Alexis about not having stress.

Episode 1: The Perfectionist

April 29, 2019 In the first episode of Torch Season Five, Teagan discusses stress with a perfectionist, Chris Williams.

Episode 2: Finstas

May 14, 2018

Episode 1: The Juul Epidemic

Episode 1: The Juul Epidemic
April 25, 2018  

Episode 5: The DREAM Act

Episode 5: The DREAM Act
This episode focuses on the impact Congress has made on many undocumented students like Edith by holding off the decision making of DACA and The DREAM Act.
April 18, 2018

Episode 4: The Decision

Episode 4: The Decision
March 3, 2018

This episode focuses on the challenges that Undocumented College Students face living in the fear of a future without DACA .

Episode 3: Religion

February 19, 2017

Dunbar Immigrant Stories

October 28, 2016

Episode Two: The Frustrations of Education

Raphael wipes his eyes, trying to think of the words to say how thankful he is for his car
ELL students face many challenges in the area of education
October 28, 2016

  This episode is focused on the challenges that ELL students face in the U.S. education system. Junior Sydney Carter spent some time in an ELL classroom at Dunbar. This episode shares what...

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