Guys’ View

Gillian Bruce, Staff Reporter

Guys at Dunbar had extremely varying reactions when asked how they felt about a girl asking them to the Sadie Hawkins formal.

“The gender roles have been reversed,” said junior Zach Hall. “It throws you off because guys are so used to being able to take charge.”

Adrian Finley, a senior, saw the role reversal in a different light.

“It’s different,” said Finley. “As a guy, you don’t have feel pressured to ask someone.”

Then the subject of how they wanted to be asked arose. Again, their reactions were mixed. The comfortable, confident guys typically preferred to be asked in an outgoing, gaudy manner, while the quiet, somewhat shy guys wanted to be asked simply.

Jimmy Rutherford, a junior, emphatically stated that he would like to be asked in a “big, over-the-top way” to match his so-called “big, 0ver-the-top” personality.

Junior Adam Rogers was brutally honest when asked how he would want to be asked to Sadie’s.

“I’d want them to ask me in a small way because then I’d feel a whole lot less awful after I reject them,” said Rogers. “That way, they’re not left thinking ‘what am I going to do with these Jordans I bought for my Sadie’s-posal.’”

Unlike the girls at Dunbar, guys here are feeling no stress about the Sadie Hawkins dance.