Girls’ View

Maddie McQueen, Staff Reporter

Girls were asked their opinions of this dance being a “girls ask guys” deal, and the reactions ranged from excited to uninterested. Many girls liked that they had an opportunity to ask a guy to the Sadie Hawkins formal, while others were very opposed.

“I think that it’s a dance just like any other dance,” said sophomore Julia Welsh.

On the other hand, another sophomore, Rachel Wilkinson, thinks that the Sadie Hawkins formal is “a dumb concept.” Wilkinson does not think that girls will ask someone to the dance unless they have a really good guy friend or a boyfriend. The girls participating in true spirit of Sadie Hawkins will not only have to ask a guy, but they will also have to figure out how they will ask their date.

When a girl asks a guy to Sadie Hawkins, she basically has two options: go all out and make something over-the-top or keep it low-key and simple. Surprisingly, many of the girls interviewed preferred to ask in a simple manner. “I think going really extravagant puts a lot of pressure on everybody involved,” said junior Maddie Carter.

Most girls opt to play it safe, but a few are waiting to decide how to ask until they know who they are going to ask. Mandy Dryer, a freshman, explains this when she says “it kind of depends on the person you ask. It depends on if they’re a shy person or outgoing.”