Senior Tailgate 2017: Fun and Games

The annual senior tailgate was held on Oct. 13 prior to that evening’s home game. Dunbar was defeated by Scott County 8-42.

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  • Brendan Hord, senior class VP, volunteered to be dunked.

  • Senior Jonathan Kissick swings the sledgehammer up to smash the car.

  • Tanner Wiley takes a turn at hitting the car.

  • English teacher Mr. Michael Mau sprays his children from the dunk booth.

  • Visit, a band led by Dunbar alumni John Fiske, performed at senior tailgate.

  • The beach volleyball tournament was open to everyone at the Senior Tailgate.

  • Senior Marshall Nelson helps a child swing the sledgehammer to smash the car.

  • Mini Bulldogs and other spirit related items are painted by volunteers during senior tailgate.

  • Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Allison Roberts, is sprayed with water in the power shower.

  • #19 Chiani Russell runs the American flag onto the field.

  • #8 Tyler Browning prepares to knock down a Scott County player.

  • #28 Jason O’Hara holds onto the football after being tackled.

  • Junior J.T. Jett kneels and watches the field for updates on his injured teammate.

  • Dunbar football players take a knee for injured teammate senior Tyler Browning.

  • Senior Tyler Browning was injured on the field. He was assisted by athletic trainers and coaches.

  • Alex Bard attempts to run the football down the field.

  • #23 Junior Dominique Price watches the game with a coach.

  • The Dunbar players line up and prepare to snap the ball.

  • #22 Darren Edmond catches the football and makes a touchdown.

  • Senior Color Guard, Gillian Kindl, does a cart wheel as part of her routine.

  • #22 Senior Darren Edmond is tackled.

  • #28 Sophomore Jason OHara punts the football.

  • #7 Junior Tanner Cox faking a handoff.

  • #22 Darren Edmond diving over an opposing player as #8 Tyler Browning performs a tackle.

  • #22 Darren Edmond runs down the field before getting tackled.

  • The Cheerleaders pose with the junior cheerleaders shadowing them at the game.

  • The football players huddle for a group talk with coach.