Dunbar’s Bittersweet Defeat by Southwestern

Although the Bulldogs lost 50-0 to Southwestern at the Aug. 25 game, Darren Edmond was awarded for High Achievement.

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  • #22 Darren Edmond attempts to catch the ball.

  • #8 Tyler Browning and #3 Kaden Gaylord make a tackle.

  • Coach Hallock talks to the team after the game.

  • #15 Walker Mack stiff arms an opposing defender.

  • # 23 Dominique Price fights off a tackle to get up the field.

  • #33 Rara Bybee tackles an opposing player.

  • #65 Shawn Kimble blocks a defender.

  • #69 Nathan Guettler blocks a linebacker from the opposing team.

  • Both teams prepare for the ball to be snapped.

  • #3 Kaden Gaylord prepares himself for the game during the National Anthem.

  • #66 Marshall Nelson kneels down on the sideline.

  • A group of Dunbar players run on the field with the an American flag before the game.

  • #7 Tanner Cox turns to hand the ball off to another player.

  • #17 Tyler Johnson makes a tackle.

  • #32 Miles Robertson breaks out of a tackle and fights his way up the field.

  • #15 Walker Mack fights to make his way up the field.

  • #7 Tanner Cox hands the ball off to #27 Alex Bard.

  • A group of Dunbar players attempt to make a tackle.

  • #34 Rara Bybee covers the receiver from the opposing team.

  • Darren Edmond receives an award for High Achievement, Character and Integrity Both On and Off the Playing Field.

  • The Dunbar defense prepares for the ball to be snapped.

  • Junior Tanner Cox (#7) receiving a play from Coach Mullins.

  • Senior Cole Haney (#10) gets a drink of water after coming off of the field.

  • Senior Trace Lane (#63) prepares to snap the ball.

  • Junior Dominique Price (#23) fights through an attempted tackle to make his way up the field.

  • #62 Trace Lane, #52 Nate Thomas, and #69 Nate Guettler wait for the ball to be snapped.

  • #69 Nathan Guettler attempts to block an opposing defender.