JV Boys Soccer Moves Up the Ranks

The junior varsity team went head-on against Fredrick Douglass this weekend, coming out with an astounding 5-0 victory.

It was a hot and sunny Sunday and the Bulldogs had to get ready for a fight against Frederick Douglass High school.

The game began with Dunbar playing the offensive against Douglass in order to keep them on their toes.

Four minutes in, #22 Christian Delgado got past all the defense and scored a goal that gave the Bulldogs a jump start of momentum. Dunbar kept up the offensive pressure with #24 Cameron Cummins scoring another goal, 19 minutes into the first half.

Dunbar kept the game on Douglass’ half of the field for most of the game and which kept Douglass on the defensive line for the first half.

All the players had great communication and continuously stole the ball from Douglass and got past the defense on many occasions. Dunbar kept up the offense and before the first half was called the 3rd goal of the game was made with 3 minutes remaining on the clock by #14 Joseph Davies, making the score 3-0.

The second half started and Dunbar led with even more offensive spirit.

Five minutes into the second half, #24 Cameron Cummins made his second goal of the game and brought the score to a whopping 4-0.

Dunbar kept their foot on the gas offensively with occasional defense and kept great control of the ball and the game as they continuously got past the Frederick Douglass team on multiple occasions.

There were several attempts to score for Douglass but the Dunbar goalkeeper snatched it up every time before a goal could have a chance to go in. Douglass’ energy was fading towards the end of the game but Dunbar kept strong and pushed through to come out with a big win.

The last goal was made with 6 minutes left on the clock by #22 Christian Delgado and the final score was 5-0 in favor of the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs were off to a great start for the weekend.

However, they couldn’t rest and go home just yet. They had to get ready for another game because in 10 minutes they would have to play another against Rockcastle County.