Dunbar Loses in A Tough Game To Douglass

On Jan. 22, Fredrick Douglass went toe-to-toe with Dunbar in an intense close game.

Douglass came out strong, opening with a 3 pointer followed up by multiple layups. 

However the Bulldogs began to quickly turn things around with #31 Max VanDyke scoring the first layup for Dunbar, a clean 3 from #2 Nick Spalding and multiple layups from #32 Robert Todd. By the end of the quarter, the score was 19-16 with Dunbar in the lead.

Douglass opened up the second quarter with a layup but was followed up by a huge shutdown by #23 Tim Hall. Multiple fouls in this quarter resulted in both teams getting easy points. #2 Nick Spalding continued his very strong performance giving Dunbar an even further lead. However, sharp shooting by Douglass player’s allowed them to come back to tie the score 30-30.

The third quarter was opened up by fouls on both sides, and layups by Dunbar put them at a 35-30 lead. Douglass called their first timeout of the game 2 minutes in and Dunbar followed about a minute later, calling their first timeout.

A 3 by #34 Zach Carter brought the score to 42-37 with Dunbar in the lead. Unfortunately, several fouls on the Bulldogs resulted in Douglass gaining traction once more.

Things begin to heat up on both sides by the final quarter, with the Dunbar student section heating up with the teams. Douglass begins to turn things around with multiple layups pushing ahead of the Bulldogs. A foul on Dunbar brought the score to 50-54 with Douglass in the lead. Dunbar begins pushing with everything they have to bring it back, but it was too late for the Bulldogs.

The game ended 56-61, Douglass taking the victory and a tough loss for the Bulldogs.