Dunbar Beat Thoroughbreds in Final Season Match

On Oct. 3 the Bulldogs beat the Thoroughbreds 3-2.


Victoria Bravo

Defender Johnny Vazquez kicks the ball out of Newport Central Catholic’s possession.

The game began rather slowly with the ball being passed between the Bulldogs and the Thoroughbreds with neither side able to make it to the goal. The Bulldogs tripped up a few Thoroughbreds, but nothing of note occurred until #10 Edward Navarro was able to get a shot in. Unfortunately, it ended up going too high and went through the field goal instead of the soccer goal.

Newport decided to play much more offensively and put a lot of pressure on Dunbar forcing the Bulldogs to defend heavily. One of the Thoroughbreds almost got a goal but missed. Dunbar’s goalkeeper, #0 Arturo Alonso, was able to kick the ball back out to the center of the field, which allowed the Bulldogs to catch up. #14 Drew Doza almost scored but was fouled offside before being able to shoot.

The ball was passed high and far, while the Thoroughbreds and Bulldogs got stuck in a cycle of almost scoring but not quite making it. Multiple out-of-bounds slowed down the game’s pace, but eventually, the Bulldogs almost broke that spell but were fouled while the ball was in mid-air. The clash continued until Newport was able to crack through Dunbar’s defense and score the first goal of the game making the score 1-0. 

Not long after, #14 Doza almost made a goal but was fouled again. Multiple other attempts on Newport’s goal were warded off by their goalkeeper. #11 Crescenio Torres was cornered by two Thoroughbreds and made a last stand before knocking one of them down and causing a call for a corner kick. Another clash ensued with #10 Edward Navarro attempting a shot but missing. Luckily, one of his teammates was able to swoop up the ball and make the first Dunbar goal of the game evening out the score at 1-1. 

#14 Doza almost scored again but was fouled this time before even being able to kick. #3, Jason O’Hara, almost got a goal from a corner kick, but the goalkeeper kept him out. #13 Kobe Valdiva ran the ball all the way to the Thoroughbred’s net, and almost bumped the score up a notch, but was intercepted when he tried to make a pass. 

After lots of nothing, the first half ended with the goals balanced at 1-1. 10 minutes went by and half-time was over, with both sides coming back out reinvigorated.

Five minutes of contesting happen, but then #3 O’Hara managed to get to the goal and kicked it cleanly through the goalkeeper’s blocking area making the score 2-1. It was a very hard contest near Dunbar’s goal and the goalkeeper nearly blocked an opponent’s goal.

After a few more minutes, Dunbar gradually worked their way towards the Thoroughbreds’ goal and attempted to score, but their goalkeeper took a hard hit to the chest to blocks it. One of the Thoroughbreds almost made it to the goal but missed. His shot was swooped up by #14  Doza, who scored after a run to the goal making the score 3-1.

#14 Doza almost scored again but got fouled for offside for the 3rd time. Then #16 Dylan Li managed to get in close and made a kick just inches away from the goalkeeper resulting in both the Goalkeeper and a nearby Thoroughbred getting knocked down. After more clashing, one of the Thoroughbreds managed to bounce a shot off his head and straight into the goal, making the score 3-2. 

As the final quarter begins, there were lots of contests with lots of high shots. About 30 minutes in, #15 Johnny Vazquez lead an initiative to almost score on the Thoroughbreds’ goal but sadly made a kick too high which went out of bounds. The game sort of plateaus out from there and the game ends in a Dunbar victory.

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  • The Bulldogs protect the ball from their Newport-based opponent.

  • #12 Derek Burgess hurries to protect the ball from the Newport Central Catholic Thoroughbreds.

  • #17 Pablo Ortiz attempts a shot at the goal.

  • Bulldogs defend the ball as an opponent tries to gain possession.

  • #10 Drew Doza attempts to get the ball into Newport Central Catholic’s territory.

  • #5 Jake Spencer calculates passing the ball to teammate #12 Derek Burgess.

  • #17 Pablo Ortiz defends Dunbar’s possession of the ball.