Bulldogs Tie Devils in Final District Game

The Dunbar Bulldogs went up against the Henry Clay Devils on Oct. 1 and tied with Henry Clay at 1-1.

Dunbar during the first half was very energetic and focused and seemed to be giving it their all.

“Before playing I was super pumped and I just knew we were all ready to go out there and give it 100%,” #17 Pablo Ortiz said.

The Bulldogs knew that they were going to need to put up a fight if they wanted to beat or tie with Henry Clay.

Towards the end of the 1st half, you could tell that Dunbar was getting tired and they weren’t as connected as they were in the beginning.

“The first half was good but compared to the second half we stepped it up,” #15 Johnny Vazquez said. And you could definitely tell by how fast they were and how well the team worked together to get the ball where they wanted it to go

Henry Clay was as well putting up a strong fight because they wanted to win as much as Dunbar did. Especially in the 2nd half. The energy throughout the whole 40 minutes was incredible.

Everyone at this point was giving it their 110% just to make sure that Clay didn’t make another score and for chances of Dunbar being able to add an extra point to the scoreboard

Ultimately, Dunbar and Clay ended up tying at 1-1, but both teams put up a very good fight.

The Bulldogs set their sights on the postseason.