The Bulldogs Tie 0-0 with Blue Devils

Dunbar went head to head with Henry Clay in a scoreless match on Sept. 9.


Annika Koch

With nothing on the board at the start of the second half, both Dunbar and Henry Clay were eager to be the first ones to score.

The Bulldogs played the Henry Clay Devils on Sept. 9. Both teams had high expectations for this game and were expecting solid competition, but it ended without scores from either team. From the beginning, with Dunbar starting in possession, they played an offensive first half, taking multiple shots on goal, although none were successful. 

Dunbar had a good look at a goal off a free kick by #19 Olivia Bretz 10 minutes into the first half but missed the opportunity. After multiple free kicks by #19 Bretz, #43 Bethel Green got possession of the ball and was open for a clean shot before being called offsides.

Not long after, #43 Green came back for another shot and put it right into the goalie’s hands. 

At the end of the first half #8 Taylor Smith got fouled and passed the ball off to #19 Bretz for another free-kick. She faked out the other team with a short kick to her left, passing the ball to her teammate #9 Ashlyn Fuller who took a shot, but the ball sailed just over the goal just before the half ended leaving the first half with a tied score. 

With nothing on the board at the start of the second half, both teams were eager to be the first ones to score a goal.

Dunbar barely let the ball leave their offensive half. #12 Carmen Combs and #11 Erin Heil both took high shots on Henry Clay’s goalkeeper 10 minutes into the second half. 

#43 Green knocked out one of Henry Clay’s defenders while trying to maintain possession and keep the ball inline. Clay’s player remained on the ground and was hauled off the field to sit the rest of the game out. 

#12 Combs had three more shots on goal–all just wide of giving the Bulldogs the first points on the board. #11 Heil tried to put the ball in but the Henry Clay goalie dropped to her knees for a quick save. 

After two calls on the Blue Devils, #8 Smith took two free kicks, one swinging wide and the other clearing the top of the goal. The Devils turned it around for a last-minute offensive run and took three shots on #44 Caitlin Loope, Dunbar’s goalie, all of which she saved. 

#12 Combs took two more shots in the 30th minute, and Henry Clay brought the ball to their side for a last attempt to score. A Clay forward shot but missed, the ball going high over the goal, which made them just shy of a win.

Dunbar honed in on their defense to ensure a tied score, keeping the Devils off the board for the remainder of the game.

With a tied score of 0-0, the Bulldogs go into their next game at Lafayette on Sept. 11.

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  • #43 Bethel Green takes a shot trying to give Dunbar the lead in the last few minutes.

  • #15 Isabella White rushes inside looking for a chance to score.

  • #15 Isabella White gets around a Henry Clay defender and heads to mid-field.

  • #43 Bethel Green dribbling the ball down the field

  • #12 Carmen Combs throws the ball back in play.

  • #8 Taylor Smith takes free-kick in the last few minutes of the second half.

  • #12 Carmen Combs takes corner kick as the first half is coming to a close.

  • #12 Carmen Combs races down the left side of the field with a Henry Clay defender.

  • #9 Ashlyn Fuller goes up with Henry Clay defender to head the ball.

  • #3 Allison O’hara takes corner kick on the left side of the field.