Bulldogs Take Down Commodores

On May 1, PLD’s softball team faced the Tates Creek Commodores.

#10, Junior, Melisa Nelson started the game off by pitching. In centerfield, #23, Sophomore, Jasmine Delira got the first out by catching a fly ball. A strikeout by #10 is what got us the second out of the 1st inning. #10, the pitcher, threw 4 balls and walked the batter. #10, struck out the Tates Creek batter, getting the third out.

Starting the bottom of the 1st inning was #6, Senior, Bailey Conley. #6 hit the ball but sadly got out on first. #8, Junior, Isabella Schweighardt was walked by Tates Creek‘s pitcher. #9, Junior, Yanna Marrow got out on first. #11, senior, Olivia Judy almost hit #8 home but, #8 was out on home.

The top of the 2nd inning was started by #10 pitching. Three strikeouts in a row by #10, ending the top of the 2nd inning.

At the bottom of the 2nd inning #22, senior, Erica Vain got out on first base. Hit to the outfield and single by #2, sophomore, Kate Schweighardt. #4, sophomore, Kennedy Messer hit the ball to the pitcher and got a single but the pitcher threw the ball to second base and #2 out. Hit and third out by #7, junior, Brooke Rhyne.

Inning 3 was started off by #10 pitching. The first out was made by #22 at shortstop by making a catch. Another catch by #23 in centerfield. 4 balls thrown by #10 caused the Tates Creek batter to make it to first base. A play made from shortstop #22 to first #9 caused the third out.

#23 got out on first base. A double was hit to the outfield by #6. #6 stole third and successfully made it. A single was hit by #8 causing # 6 to make it home get Dunbar our first point. A foul ball hit by #9 was caught, getting the second out. A Fly ball hit by #11 was caught.

The 4th inning was started out by a fly ball getting caught in foul territory caught by first base, #9. Centerfield, #23 caught another fly ball getting the second out. #10 made the batter strikeout.   

#22 hit a ground ball and got a single. Steal to second base by #22. Out on first from #2. Two fly balls hit by #4 and #7 were caught getting the last two outs.

The 5th inning was started off by a ball being caught by #7. A play was made from pitcher to second base made by #10 and #22. The strikeout was thrown by #10. Out on first thrown by #23.

A fly ball hit by #6 was caught in the outfield. #8 was walked and got to first base. # 9 got out on first.

The 6th inning was started by a fly ball being caught in right field by #8. A double was stopped by shortstop, #22 by tagging the runner out on second base. Another batter was struck out by #10.

#11 was walked and got to first and was substituted with #13. A fly ball hit by #22 was caught. A double play got #23 out on second and #2 out on first

#10 started the final inning of striking out the Tates Creek batter. A play was made from shortstop #22 and first base #9. The final out was made by #10 from striking the batter out. The 7th and final inning was just the top because Tates Creek didn’t get any points.

The final score of the game was 1-0.

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  • #4 Kennedy Messer throws the ball in after an opposing player hits it to the outfield

  • #9 Jasmin Delira catches a pop fly in the outfield to get three outs and change innings.

  • #4 Kennedy Messer gets ready for the opposing team to hit

  • #10 Melisa Nelson at the top of her pitch while her teammates are down and ready for the ball

  • #11 Olivia Judy watches the pitch and doesn’t swing when she realizes it’s a ball.

  • #10 Melisa Nelson pitches the ball trying to strikeout the opposing player at bat.

  • #4 Kennedy Messer throws the ball to first base to keep a runner from going to second base.

  • #9 Yanna Marrow sets up to hit the ball after the pitcher pitches the ball.