Athlete Profile: Sloan Cromwell

In February, Dunbar sophomore Sloan Cromwell earned fame from both WKYT and The Lexington Herald Leader because she became the first girl in Lexington to make a high school baseball team.

Cromwell tried out for the baseball team last year, but ended up getting cut. After a year of dedication and hard work, she is finally getting her chance to play under new head coach Seth Knight.

“I think it is a huge honor to be the first girl to play baseball in Lexington,” she said.

Cromwell grew up playing tee ball and baseball and said that she just never made the transition over to softball like most of the other girls chose to do. She said that she’s never been intrigued by softball.

One would think it would be difficult to be the only girl on a team with all guys, but Cromwell seems to be getting along just fine.

“I’m really enjoying being part of the team this season,” said Cromwell. “They don’t see me as a good ‘girl’ baseball player, but a good player in general.”

Cromwell doesn’t want people to think that she just made the team because she is a girl. She wants everyone to realize that she was evaluated just like all the other players who tried out.

“I’ve always liked playing with the boys, I’ve learned to prove them wrong and get out there and hit one right over their heads,” said Cromwell.

By making the baseball team, Cromwell has taken a huge stride towards showing that with devotion and enthusiasm, girls can keep up with guys in sports, and maybe even surpass them.

Coach Knight speaks highly of Cromwell.

“She works really hard at what she does,” he said. “She is courageous and driven, and is confident in playing a sport that is for the most part dominated by males.”