The Future of our Country is at Stake

President Trump must be impeached if we are to continue to be a beacon of freedom for the world.


Wikimedia Commons

This photo was taken in 2017 during an inauguration protest. The call for impeachment is not new.

It’s no secret the Trump administration has been plagued with numerous scandals. There seems to be no shortage of headlines making the rounds. Even before Donald Trump became president-elect, he had been accused of many wrongdoings. 

For starters, Trump has been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and even rape. He has denied all allegations but women continue to come forward.

As president, he continues to try to roll back LGBTQ+ rights. He has made several racist statements. He seems to think the best way to promote foreign policy is over Twitter. He even separates migrant children from their parents and locks them up in cages without basic necessities. 

As we now know, President Trump has put our national security at risk by pressuring the Ukrainian President to interfere in our elections.

It doesn’t seem it can get any worse, then it does. I’m not sure how much worse it can get now that we know Trump may have withheld foreign aid to get dirt on his political opponent but we’ll see.

Even so, it seems there isn’t much he can do to turn off his base of Republican lawmakers. They continue to stand by him and make excuses. It seems the GOP no longer believes in the  “country over party” motto they so often preach.

However, due to the Ukraine scandal, President Trump is now facing the very real possibility of getting impeached, as Speaker Pelosi has begun a formal impeachment inquiry. All but seven House Democrats support this, zero Republicans have embraced it.

It should not have taken this long. Trump should have been subject to an inquiry and impeached months ago. The things he is accused of are some of the most despicable and damaging to our constitution and country. 

This isn’t about partisan politics, this isn’t about the 2016 election, this is about the fact that the very foundations of which this country was built on are crumbling. The office of the president must be cleansed, and honor and integrity must be restored.

Now is the time for Republicans to regrow their spines and do what is right.

President Trump asked multiple foreign governments to investigate his political rival Joe Biden, regarding him and his son’s Ukraine dealings. Besides the fact that all allegations made towards the Bidens have been proven unequivocally false, the President of the United States openly invited foreign powers to interfere in our elections and find dirt on his opponent. 

No president should be able to pressure a foreign leader into something illegal. No president should be able to stand on the south lawn of the White House and ask China to investigate their opponent as Trump did. No president, regardless of their political party, can be allowed to seek help from another government to win their election. This is a clear abuse of power that completely undermines our constitution. 

This can not stand.

Trump has broken his oath of office and has failed to uphold the constitution. If he is not held accountable, Congress is sending the message that the president is above the law. This precedent can not be set.

The president continues to declare his innocence through bizarre tweets and yet, he proceeds to order those who have been subpoenaed not to comply. 

The House of Representatives must continue their inquiry regardless of the Trump administration’s unwillingness to cooperate. Anyone who fails to meet their subpoena deadline must be held in contempt just like any other American citizen would be. 

If the President really is as innocent as he says, he wouldn’t be stonewalling a constitutional oversight power and having meltdowns on Twitter.

Even if the president is impeached, which is looking more likely every day, it’s very unlikely the Republican-controlled Senate would vote to convict. Even the handful of Republican senators who have condemned the President on his Ukraine and China comments failed to endorse the impeachment inquiry.

The good news is the American people have finally opened their eyes to see the full picture. In a newly released poll by the Washington Post, 58 percent of Americans support the impeachment inquiry. Likewise, in a new poll released by Fox News, 51 percent of Americans support impeachment and removal from office.

In July the same Fox News poll showed only 42 percent favored impeachment and removal. 

Public opinion has shifted quickly against Trump since the inquiry began. 

This isn’t good news for Trump or Republicans, this signals the 2020 election will be an even bigger uphill battle than it already is. Public sentiment is arguably the most important thing during an impeachment. If you don’t have the support of the voters, you don’t have anything.

The fact of the matter is Congress must do what is needed: impeach and remove the president. 

This moment in history will be remembered in one of two ways. Either Congress will do their job and save this country from imploding or they will fail and President Trump will continue to wipe his feet on our constitution.

The implications of the Trump presidency will last generations. The very literal future of our country is at stake.