Student Led Walkout at PLD

Several students who walked out as part of the national protest organized on the sidewalk in front of the school along Man o’ War Blvd.


Freshman Haja Thornton said she wanted to influence others to “do what’s right.”

The National School Walkout on April 20 marks the 19th anniversary of the mass shooting at Columbine High School, and it comes as yet another student led protest against gun violence in schools.

At 10 a.m., students at thousands of schools across the country students walked out to protest gun violence in schools. At Dunbar, some student simply left the building, but others remained to hold signs and chant in front of the school.

Sophomore Parker Smith said, “I’m here with everyone else today to protest gun violence in our schools, and the inaction of the government.”

He said that he hoped that the walk out will encourage others to stay active.

“It should be on everyone’s agenda,” he said.

Freshman Daniela Torres held a sign that read “Protect Lives, Not Guns.” She said that she agreed with Smith that students have to continue to focus on the issue of gun violence. “We’re showing everyone that students do care,” she said.

Gabrielle Oxendine Parker, a freshman, held a sign with the word “Enough” written beneath a peace sign. “There have many many school shootings, and we don’t feel safe at school,” she said.

Dunbar students previously participated in a March For Our Lives event in which students worked with school officials to hold an educational assembly in the gym on March 14.

The April 20 walkout, however, was completely student-led.

Taylor Schwab, a sophomore, said that she hoped that what the students did made a difference. She held a sign with the hashtag #stoptheviolence.

Freshman Chesney Henry agreed.”It’s not right. We don’t want to come to school fearing for our lives.”