Retired But Not Forgotten

Mr. Jim Adams will leave behind a staff of student technology technicians, colleagues, friends and a long-lasting legacy.

After 27 years serving Fayette County Public Schools, Mr. Jim Adams retired on March 28.

According to his wife, Mrs. Laura Adams, Mr. Adams began his career in education at the FCPS Central Office in support services, and he has been at Dunbar for 18 years.

Mr. Adams is Dunbar’s only local area network (LAN) technician. He provides technical support and maintenance across the school. He is also the leading technician for the Paul Laurence Dunbar feeder pattern, where he works not only with Dunbar, but also with its feeder schools Beaumont Middle School and Leestown Elementary.

“He’s a wonderful employee and he’s a wonderful worker. He’s a pretty great husband too,” said Mrs. Adams.

Mr. Adams currently co-sponsors the Student Technology Leadership Program with Mrs. Kim Overstreet. For the holiday season, Mr. Adams founded a community service event, “Dunbar Doing for Others,” that became a yearly tradition. 

Mrs. Kim Overstreet has been working with Mr. Adams since 1998.

“It’s going to be a huge hole [without Mr. Adams]… He works really hard and he is very proactive which is not as common as you would think among people who do what he does… He keeps things running by being forward thinking and fixing things before they even break,” said Mrs. Overstreet.

Junior Alex Stern met Mr. Adams in his eighth grade year at Techiepalooza where Dunbar students teach middle school students about technology. 

“When I came to Dunbar, I was a very nervous kid. I had a lot of trouble speaking to people and, although I really liked computers, I didn’t have a way that I could integrate that with other people,” said Stern. “Mr. Adams was a great source of guidance for me in becoming a confident person… I will always remember how sincere and kind he was and is.”

Mr. Adams said that he is currently undecided about his plans post-retirement.

“I’m planning on taking [the] spring break week off with my wife, then I will see what God has in store for my life,” said Mr. Adams.