Card Fanatics are Crazy about the PLD Cardistry Club

On April 9, junior Yostin Blanco successfully convinced Dunbar’s Student-Based Decision Making Council to approve a new school club for card fanatics.

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  • Junior Yostin Blanco performs a quick “Spring.”

  • Cardistry club shows off the many different kinds of decks they use to perform.

  • Sophomore Adham Ziada fans out his “S-fan.”

  • Sophomore Jed Antonio has a spectator pick out a card from his deck.

  • Sophomore Adham Ziada shows off his “One handed fan.”

  • Sophomore Jed Antonio displays his “Thumb fan.”

  • Junior Yostin Blanco demonstrates how to do a “Charlier cut” to Sophomore Gannon Marshall.

  • Junior Yostin Blanco shows how simple flourishes join together to make the eye-catching displays in “Lindholm.”

  • Sophomore Adham Ziada displaying a Joker before completing his sleight of hand performance.

  • Junior Yostin Blanco shows beginning cardist the “Charlier cut.”

  • Sophomore Jed Antonio riffles his “Dribble” into his other hand.