Tampa Bay is set to host the Superbowl on Feb. 7 and football fans have begun predicting the outcome of the biggest game of the year.

Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs are set to play Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Mahomes, whose team won last year, is looking to make a repeat win this year, hopefully beating Brady, who is playing his first season with Buccaneers this year.

The Chiefs are favored to win the game since they beat the San Francisco 49ers last year and are the defending champs. This is also Brady’s first season on the Buccaneers, and because of that, they are less likely to win the game.

With the Chiefs favored to win the game, and Tom Brady as the quarterback for the Buccaneers, the score will most likely be very close. I predict that the score will be around 34-31, only a three-point difference between the two teams, with the Chiefs having the narrow win at the end.

If the Chiefs do win the game, the MVP will be Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes. This would also align with last year’s Superbowl, as the Chiefs won and Mahomes was the MVP, but it could also go to any of the other players on the Chiefs. In the end, someone from the Chiefs will get MVP.