We Support Donald Trump

Emily Parks and Olivia Wells

UPDATE (1/14/20):

Since the time of this article’s publication, armed insurrectionists have attacked the United States Capitol. Under the direct incitement of President Donald Trump, these individuals injured dozens of journalists and law enforcement officials.

PLD Lamplighter’s editorial board has chosen not to take down this article; in instances where opinions and viewpoints change after initial publication, it is not our policy to remove those pieces, and as a public forum, we do not make it a practice to censor or remove content. However, we reaffirm that opinion pieces do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of our organization and that the entire PLD Lamplighter staff, the authors of this piece included, condemn these acts of violence and the assault on our democratic institutions.


This year has been the worst rollercoaster ride known to man, and it being an election year has made it even harder. Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden have been neck and neck all campaign long. As we approach Nov. 3, it is important that everyone be well informed on who they are voting for. If we were 18, we would be voting for President Donald Trump.

Trump has been an amazing president in his first term. Pre-pandemic, the US unemployment rate was at an all-time low and the economy was at an all-time high.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Although the decrease in the number of unemployed people was relatively small by historical standards, the jobless rate fell to its lowest level since 1969, when it was 3.4 percent. In 2019, the unemployment rates declined to 3.5 percent for both men and women.”

President Trump has enacted many great new policies.

For example, he signed The First Step Act,  a prison reform that gives inmates the opportunity to make more money, decreases the risk of their committing another offense, creates lower minimum sentences for certain offenses, and reviews the risks and needs assessment for inmates.

He also signed the CARES Act, which provided emergency assistance to individuals, families, and businesses affected by the coronavirus, and the Protecting Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (PACT), which made extreme animal cruelty a felony. And within the first 100 days of being in office, he fought to keep our country safe by protecting our borders from illegal immigration.

President Trump swore in the first-ever female CIA Director, Gina Haspel. He has also appointed several openly LGBTQIA persons into ambassador positions, such as Richard Grenell, Randy Berry, Eric Nelson, Jeff Daigle, and Robert Gilchrist.

A negotiation, orchestrated by Trump, between Israel and several other Middle Eastern countries has shown him to be one of the most peaceful presidents in a long time. Trump is the first president in US history to step foot in North Korea. He also liberated thousands of Middle Eastern people from ISIS’s reign of terror by killing many of their leaders and fighters.  

In December of 2019, less than a year ago, President Trump signed a bill creating permanent funding to historically black communities.

According to US News, “President Trump…signed a bipartisan bill that will permanently provide more than $250 million a year to the nation’s historically black universities, along with dozens of other institutions that serve large shares of minority students.” 

According to a US national poll from Dec. 2019, “Fifty-seven percent of Americans say they are better off financially since Trump took office.”

According to an article published in Oct. 2019, “The household survey finds that the unemployment rate fell to 3.5 percent in September, marking the 19th consecutive month at or below 4 percent unemployment. Although the unemployment rate has risen because of COVID-19, the unemployment rate was the lowest it had been since May 1969—over 50 years ago.”

A President should be judged for their policies and what they accomplish in office, not what they post on Twitter. Donald Trump was a beloved and admired person by many until he decided to run for President. Then all of a sudden he supposedly became a despicable human being.

All of the great things he has done in his first term as President of the United States indicate otherwise.

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