Deadly Wildfires in California


Jacob Hayes

I took this picture of fire damage on a Sequoia Tree when I visited Sequoia National Park in 2017.

Jacob Hayes, Staff Reporter

In 2020, fierce blazes in California have consumed over 3.2 million sections of land. That is a territory nearly the size of Massachusetts. 


The danger of future flames has constrained a large number of halfway force shutoffs for California occupants. 


Even here in Kentucky, we are feeling the effects of the fires due to the smoke plumes from the fires that have been picked up by the wind and made their way to Kentucky. The smoke plumes have made it all the way to the Atlantic Ocean east of the state of Maine.


These smoke plumes, that have made it around the country, have wide-ranging negative health effects such as the ability to induce heart attacks and cause depression and anxiety.


Also, since NOAA declared a La Niña California wildfires will be even worse than they would be in a normal year. La Niña is a natural environmental phenomenon. It happens in the tropical East Pacific when waters drop below normal temperature. When this happens, a climatic chain reaction occurs that makes California drier and hotter in Winter. Here in Lexington, the winter weather gets warmer and rainier during a La Niña year.


The Bobcat Fire began Sept. 6 and has just multiplied in size in the course of the most recent week — getting one of Los Angeles County’s biggest out of control fires ever, as per the Los Angeles Times. No casualties have been reported


The blast is forecasted to develop through Sunday and Monday as basic fire climate conditions proceed because of breezy breeze and low moistness. Extra clearing alerts were given Sunday evening. 


A large number of inhabitants in the lower region networks of the Antelope Valley were requested to empty Saturday as winds drove the blazes into Juniper Hills. 


“These are extraordinary, enormous bursts,” said Tom Steyer, the very rich environmentalist and previous Democratic presidential up-and-comer. “This is a tremendous, quick, earnest issue.” 


“Disavowal doesn’t work with regards to atmosphere,” Garcetti said. “The expense of disavowal is that individuals lose their lives and their jobs.” 


Garcetti said it’s disillusioning to see the President depict the state’s overwhelming out of control fires as a sectarian issue and accusing the state as it experiences a cataclysmic event. 


“Our government offices do venture up and support us and do realize that we need their help yet rather, the pioneer at the top proceeds with dependent on the discretionary guide to possibly, you know, put down California for not taking enough,” Garcetti said. “He doesn’t utter a word like that in a swing state. In the Gulf Coast, he doesn’t dole out the fault for the tropical storms or anything that they have done.” 


I reached my cousin, Kelby, who is in school in California, to perceive how the flames were influencing her. She stated, “Here in San Diego we have had a terrible air contamination issue from the San Diego County Valley Fire which has spread to 1,500 sections of land. The air contamination brought about by the fire is incredibly inconvenient for the wellbeing of the city’s occupants.”