The Best of Lexington’s ‘Halfway to Burger Week’

Restaurants engaging in the event featured a specialty burger for only $5.

Burgers are widely recognized as the quintessential American food. And what better time to eat them than summer? ‘Tis the season of cookouts and grills, after all.

A new Lexington event, however, argues that now is the time.

Lexington Burger Week, the local organization responsible for the wildly popular “Burger Week” that takes place every July, held a “Halfway to Lexington Burger Week 2020” on Feb. 8.

19 venues, including restaurants such as BRU Burger, featured specialty burgers at a low price. Even pizza restaurants got into it. Big City Pizza offered a Jalamento Burger.

And it wasn’t just savory restaurants; gourmet ice cream shop Crank & Boom offered a treat called the Midnight Munchies Ice Cream Burger.

Although Dunbar students were unable to order them, each burger had an associated West Sixth Brewing beer pairing available for purchase.

Other restaurants, like Not Your Ordinary Vegan Cafe, are unaffiliated with the official Lexington Burger Week but were also participating in the event, offering special meals at a discounted price.

Many Dunbar students were unaware that the event was even taking place, but were still excited at the prospect. “Burger Week? Isn’t that when they have burgers for five dollars everywhere?” junior Wendy Wei said. “I love that!”

While some Dunbar students geared up to gorge on burgers, others prepared for the increased workload the event caused. Dunbar junior Dylan Stern worked at J. Renders during Burger Week last summer. 

“It’s a really hectic time to be working in a restaurant, but at the same time, it’s really fun because there’s so much going on and so many different people,” Stern said. “Well, the first two minutes are fun. It gets really stressful… but it’s nice to get business and you make a lot of money.”

To find out more about the event, download the Lexington Burger Week app