Missing Personality-Reward If Found!

I spend my days surrounded with friends and people that genuinely love me. I’m around laughter and happiness…but I can’t help feeling that I’m walking through life with a blindfold around my eyes.

Even my closest friends feel miles and miles away despite being right next to me. I never seem to find the right words to describe this feeling of detachment.

I hide behind a facade of bubbly smiles and terrible puns but on the inside, I’m gasping for a breath of fresh air.

I crave the feeling of community and have for years. You see, the problem is I’m living in a place where no one is like me, no one shares my true passions or morals… or so I thought so.

Slowly but surely, I have found pieces of myself reflected onto other people.

For example, I see myself in my friend Sayuri through her witty observations and compassionate heart. Or in the fierce opinions of Mason, Lea’s gentle kindness, and Emily’s intriguing but incorrect grammar skills.

My whole being has become fragmented and passed around throughout the people in my life. So, I walk around blindly grasping, trying to see if the next person may have a piece of me.

Please contact me if you have found my time management skills, they are direly needed.