Who helps the Broncos win:

Peyton Manning, Quarterback

Football fans nationwide never thought the day would come where a team is hampered by Peyton. That dark day has come, but it can quickly turn around as long as Peyton has one last game in him. He doesn’t have to put up the gigantic numbers he could back in his prime, but he can’t have poor performances that have seemed to plague him this year. If he has an efficient, mistake-free game, he’ll get to ride off into the sunset with two rings instead of one.

Danny Trevathan, Linebacker

Set to become a free agent, the former Kentucky Wildcat has had his best season to date. However, his job is far from over. He’ll be asked to do more than he has been all season. He’s going to have to chase down whatever running back Carolina uses to try and put an end to the Panthers 31 game streak of having at least 100 rushing yards. Not only does Trevathan have to stop the run game, but he will most likely be asked to spy the probable MVP in Cam Newton.