Volleyball Spiked out of State

Dunbar’s winning volleyball team becomes second to Great Crossing Warhawks in the region. After beating them 3-1 in the regular season, the Warhawks came back looking for a comeback.

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  • Sophomore Delaney Gash making a hit after the Warhawk’s block her first.

  • The sideline team celebrating after the Dawgs win the first set of the night.

  • Junior Emma McDowell making a pass to save the ball for the Dawgs.

  • Coach Jenny Morgan talking to her team after the Dawgs lose the third set.

  • Junior Ava Jackson saving the ball from going out of bounds as she leaps up to score.

  • Freshman Isabella Haggard serving for the first time this game, and the last time this season.

  • Freshman Isabella Haggard smacking the ball over the net while the Warhawk’s try to block, they miss and score for the Dawgs.

  • Isabella Haggard after she scores her first point of the game for the Dawgs.

  • Senior Ila Smith spiking the ball hard to Great Crossing after a set from senior Cambell Gash.

  • PLDs student section featuring our favorite bulldog mascot Clay Fink.

  • Senior Ila Smith with the block against the Warhawks.

  • Senior Campbell Gash setting up for the bulldogs first point in the third set.