Adam Vinatieri Redeems Colts By Smashing Record

Some NFL teams are sitting around .500 while others aren’t–like the Colts.

The Colts haven’t had much to celebrate so far as their record has fallen to 3-5, but they can take pride in the fact that their kicker, Adam Vinatieri, has become the all-time points leader with an astounding 2,547 points. This feat occurred as he kicked a 25-yard field goal with 26 seconds left till halftime against the Raiders.

Adam Vinatieri has kicked in the NFL for an astonishing 23 years. Some of the rookies this year in the NFL haven’t even been alive as long as he has been playing.

At 45 years old, Adam Vinatieri is the oldest player to play in the NFL and will end his career. Hall of Famer Morten Andersen, the former holder of this record, reached out congratulated him for breaking it stating how proud he was.

Vinatieri, a world-class kicker, responded on the record with an ever high class of humility and respect.

At the press conference after the game, he reacted extremely humble and was honored just to be in the conversation of some of the great kickers he looked up to as a kid. What he was most excited about the fact that he was able to break the record at the same time Colts win. Can’t ask for a better day in football.

Vinatieri’s rise to stardom wasn’t exactly what you would think for someone who has been an elite kicker for 20 plus years. He played for South Dakota State, a Division 2 school, where he had four wild seasons. At one point in his junior season, he got benched for a few games because he kept missing field goals.

Blevins a hired scout for the NFL found potential in Vinatieri saying, “It was like he had a cannon attached to him, but he didn’t know how to load it or aim it.” Blevins taught Vinatieri how to kick, but to his surprise, his coach had never even kicked a football.

Doug Blevins was born with cerebral palsy and was in a wheelchair, making him an unlikely candidate to coach the young kicker. Without the guidance of Blevins, the self-taught kicker might have never reached the milestones today.

So what’s left for Mr. Clutch?

In his interview after his record-setting day, he only has one goal left. The half-century mark is where he wants to end his career. If he achieves this milestone he will become the oldest NFL player ever.

So until 2021, Adam Vinatieri will continue to amaze defying age, and the odds.