Football Defeated on Senior Night

Dunbar football played their final game of the season on Oct. 27 against Western with a score of 12-41.

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  • Senior football players stand together for a celebratory photo.

  • Senior dancer Ashton Pugh and her family pose for a photo.

  • Senior Cheerleader Miriam Ward and her family.

  • Cheerleader Grace Koehler and her family.

  • Senior Football player Chiani Russell and his family posing for a photo.

  • Senior band member Emily Sallengs and her family.

  • #3 Senior Kaden Gaylord making a tackle after opposing player makes a catch.

  • #22 Senior Darren Edmond trying to avoid a tackle after making a catch.

  • #17 Sophomore Tyler Johnson on the sideline talking to coach.

  • #21 Senior Chiani Russell carries the ball down field.

  • #22 Senior Darren Edmond catches the ball to get the first down.

  • #7 Senior Tanner Cox ready to pass to an open teammate.

  • Dunbar sideline taking a knee out of respect for a hurt player.

  • #4 Senior Rara Bybee and Senior Tanner Wiley take a knee in support of an injured teammate.

  • #3 Senior Kaden Gaylord intercepts the ball from the intended receiver.

  • A Dunbar player is grabbed by an opposing player as he runs the ball.

  • Gillian Kindl and other band members performing during half time.

  • A color guard member performs her routine along with the band’s musical performance.

  • Dance Team Captain Senior Katherine Lin performing with her fellow senior teammates at the last football game of the season.

  • Players jump in excitement before the game.

  • Defense piles up to tackle opposing player with the ball.

  • Dunbar players walk with recently injured teammate Tyler Browning to see the captains of the opposing team.

  • Freshman Dre is tackled by an opposing player while he is in possession of the ball.

  • #10 Senior Cole Haney bringing down a player from behind.

  • The Dunbar football team getting fired up before the game.

  • Senior dancers Andrea Alonso and Maya Anjur excite the crowd with a toe touch.

  • #69 Junior Nathan Guettler and #74 Sophomore Zack Smith assisting in tackling the opposing team.

  • #22 Senior Darren Edmond avoids a tackle and carries the ball to the end zone.

  • #7 Junior Tanner Cox ready to make a pass to an open teammate.

  • #14 Sophomore Mitchell Joseph runs ball down field.