Boys’ Soccer Defeats Lafayette in Rain

Dunbar won tournament game against Lafayette on Oct. 10 scoring 1-0.

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  • #9 Sophomore Ben Oser takes possession from the opposing player.

  • Goalie #1 Josh Szydlick kicks it from the goal to his teammates down field.

  • #7 Junior Eddy Andrade took a hard hit.

  • #17 Sophomore Pablo Ortiz jumps for a header.

  • The team defends the goal during an indirect kick.

  • #11 Senior Sullivan Curd struggles against the opposing team fro possession of the ball.

  • #5 Senior Jackson Akins holds off player from the opposing team.

  • #4 Senior Jake Heil moves downfield with the ball.

  • #15 Junior Crescenio Torres kicks the ball to a teammate.

  • #15 Junior Crescenio Torres fights off an opposing player.

  • #13 Senior Yousef Agoub heads the ball forward.

  • #5 Senior Jackson Akins fights off the opposing team to keep possession.

  • #15 Crescenio Torres jumps to block an opponent from the ball.

  • #22 Kevin Jing moves the ball towards the goal.

  • #23 Senior Nathan Williams swiftly kicks the ball around an opponent.

  • #19 Junior Pedro Jiminez prepares to instep drive the ball.