Girl’s Soccer Triumphs on Senior Night

Dunbar girl’s soccer team beat Henry Clay on Sept. 25 with a score of 2-0.

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  • Senior Elizabeth Lippert and her parents, brother, and grandmother.

  • Senior Emily Heasley and family.

  • Senior Payton Baker escorted by Jackson Akins (left) and Chase Dawson (right).

  • Senior Sophia Mitchell poses for a quick photo with her family.

  • Senior Baylee Lanter escorted by Jake Heil (left) and Wesley Elliot (right).

  • Senior Molly Mohr and her escort Sullivan Curd.

  • Senior Callahan Stokley escorted by Yousef Agoub.

  • Emily Heasley escorted by Nathan Williams.

  • Elizabeth Lippert and her escort Kobie Irish.

  • Senior Payton Baker poses for a photo wither her family.

  • Senior Sophia Mitchell and Josh Szydlik.

  • Molly Mohr surrounded by her family on senior night.

  • Baylee Lanter and family posing for a photo.

  • Callahan Stokley giving her mother a quick hug on the field.

  • #8 Senior Sophia Mitchell dribbles the ball.

  • #4 Junior Audrey Rawls head-butts the ball.

  • Goalie #1 Junior Morgan Turcotte deflects the ball from Dunbar’s goal and kicks it back into the game.

  • #9 Senior Elizabeth Lippert prepares to head-butt the soccer ball.

  • #15 Junior Meron Roach head-butts the ball back into play.

  • #1 Morgan Turcotte and #15 Meron Roach chest bump to build hype before the game.

  • An opposing Tate’s Creek player knocks down #12 Baylee Lanter and continues to kick the ball down the field.

  • Ashlyn Fuller is slammed by another player as she kicks the ball.

  • #7 Senior Molly Mohr quickly taking the ball down the field.

  • #3 Callahan Stokley tosses the ball onto the field.

  • During half-time the volleyball team tosses t-shirts up into the student section.

  • #3 Senior Callahan Stokley side kicks the ball back into the game.

  • #15 Junior Meron Roach kicks the soccer ball towards the goal.

  • #15 Meron Roach moves to kick the ball away from an opposing player.

  • #7 Senior Molly Mohr runs down the field with the ball.

  • #4 Junior Audrey Rawls blocks a Tate’s Creek player from controlling the soccer ball.

  • Teagan Garrison races forward to move the ball down the field.

  • #9 Senior Elizabeth Lippert grabs onto a opposing player in an attempt to steal the ball.

  • #1 Goalie Morgan Turcotte catches the ball, keeping Tate’s Creek from scoring.

  • #2 Senior Payton Baker collides with an opposing player as she passes the ball to #15 Meron Roach.

  • #12 Baylee Lanter kicking the ball down the field.