Soccer’s Successful Senior Night

Dunbar Boys’ Soccer played against Bishop Brossart and won with a score of 8-0 on September 21.

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  • Senior Sullivan Curd being congratulated by his parents on senior night.

  • Senior Jackson Akins poses with his family for a photo honoring senior night.

  • Senior Kobie Irish and family with Coach Bretz.

  • Senior Jake Heil and family posing for a photo.

  • Senior Wesley Elliot along with his family and Coach Bretz.

  • Senior Chase Dawson is hugged by his mother to celebrate senior night.

  • Senior Yousef Agoub and family.

  • Senior Nathan Williams hugs his grandmother as his family comes onto the field to show their support on senior night.

  • Senior Josh Szydlik talks with his sisters as his family surrounds him for senior night.

  • The boys huddle together to get hyped before the game.

  • #11 Senior Sullivan Curd moving the ball down the field.

  • #1 Senior Josh Szydlik rolls the ball back into the game.

  • #18 Sophomore Jed French collides with a Bishop Brossart player whilst fighting for the ball.

  • #20 Sophomore Isaac Delgado pushes the ball towards the goal with the verbal direction of #16 Junior Asher Williams urging him forward.

  • #4 Senior Jake Heil attempts to pass an defensive player.

  • #19 Pedro Jiminez and #11 Sullivan Curd congratulate each other on a good play.

  • #23 Senior Nathan Williams leaps forward to swiftly kick the ball down the field.

  • #13 Senior Yousef Agoub steals the ball away from an opposing player.

  • #24 Junior Josh Siegel blocks a Bishop Brossart player.

  • #22 Junior Kevin Jing mid-air, racing forward to control the ball.

  • #21 Jack Rodes is tripped by the Bishop Brossart goalie as he tries to kick the ball into the goal.

  • #8 Sophomore Jason O’Hara attempts to kick the ball around the goalie.

  • #20 Sophomore Isaac Delgado gains control of the ball despite being blocked by opposing players.

  • Jair Moncada kicks the ball around a Bishop Brossart player.

  • #2 Senior Chase Dawson moving the ball across the field.

  • #17 Sophomore Pablo Ortiz runs the ball toward the goal.

  • #3 Senior Kobie Irish looks for another Dunbar player to pass the ball to.

  • #6 Jackson Akins moves the ball forward.

  • #7 Junior Eddy Andrade rushes the ball towards the goal.

  • #20 Sophomore Isaac Delgado kicks the ball through an opposing players legs.

  • #6 Senior Wesley Elliot dribbles the ball.

  • #5 Senior Jackson Akins chest bumps the ball.

  • #0 Junior Jack Hayden captures the ball from going into Dunbar’s goal.

  • #3 Senior Kobie Irish head-butts the ball after it is kicked back into the game.

  • #19 Junior Pedro Jiminez flicks a Bishop Brossart players hand away as he lunges forward to get the ball.