Bulldogs Overthrow Henry Clay Despite Rainy Conditions

The Girls’ Soccer team beat Henry Clay on Sept. 13 with a score of 2-1.

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  • #12 Senior Baylee Lanter chest bumps the ball.

  • #7 Senior Molly Mohr kicks the ball towards the goal.

  • #21 Sophomore Raleigh Lewis kicks the ball away from opposing Henry Clay players.

  • #15 Junior Meron Roach prepares to move the ball down the field.

  • Goalie #1 Junior Morgan Turcotte clutches the soccer ball.

  • A Dunbar player loses control of the ball due to the rainy field being slick.

  • #10 Sophomore Emery Morgan kicking the ball.

  • Both teams pause a moment as the rain begins to fall harder down on the field.

  • #10 Emery Morgan and #12 Baylee Lanter are lectured by their coach at the start of half-time.

  • #3 Callahan Stokley is high-fived by her coach after the firs half is over.

  • #3 Senior Callahan Stokley watches as #21 Raleigh Lewis moves forward to kick the ball before an opposing player can.

  • Goalie #1 Morgan Turcotte kicks the ball back into the game.

  • The referee runs off the field after making a call while #4 Junior Audrey Rawls moves forward to get the ball.

  • #3 Callahan Stokley races to get the ball before a Henry Clay player, close behind her catches up.

  • #14 Rachel Green gets to the ball before a Henry Clay player does.

  • #5 Sophomore Alison OHara moves to kick the ball forward and past opposing players.

  • #4 Audrey Rawls fights for the ball when a Henry Clay player tries to kick it out from underneath her.