Bulldogs Shut Out in Home Season Opener

George Rogers Clark rolled over Dunbar 17-0 at the Aug. 31 game.

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  • #9 Junior Landon Jackson falls onto the ground after being tackled.

  • #7 Junior Tanner Cox listens in for direction from quarterback coach, John Stepp.

  • #23 Junior Dominique Price crashes to the ground in between two opposing players.

  • #7 Junior Quarterback Tanner Cox prepares to hand the ball off to #25 junior Joe Walker

  • #15 Junior Walker Mack kneels on the sidelines.

  • Junior Alex Bard (#27) protects the ball as he charges through the field.

  • Junior Riley McEldowney (#89) runs to catch a pass.

  • Senior Tanner Wiley (#2) lays on the ground trying to recover from a hit.

  • Sophmore Charlie Habash (#83) applauds his teammates.

  • Seniors Maya Anjur and Katie Hartsek perform their sideline routine with their teammates.

  • Sophomore Mitchell Joseph (#14) jumps high over an opposing player.

  • Junior Landon Jackson (#9) helps quarterback Tanner Cox off of the ground.

  • A Dunbar player gets sandwiched in a tackle by multiple opposing players.

  • Senior Marshall Nelson (#66) and teammates kneel while waiting to hear if a fellow player is injured.

  • Defensive coordinator, Coach Allec talks to his players on the sideline.

  • Dunbar players line the ball up before beginning a play.

  • Dunbar players shake hands with the opposing team after a tough loss.

  • Sophomore Tyler Johnson (#17) poses for the camera from the sideline.

  • Coach Hallock yells for his team from the sidelines.

  • Junior Riley McEldowney (#89) kicks the ball off.

  • Defensive Coordinator, Coach Hallock congratulates #5 junior Isaac Armstrong on the sideline

Dunbar held its home opener against George Rogers Clark, looking to get their first win of the season.

The offense took the field first as junior quarterback Tanner Cox, who came to Dunbar from LCA, was looking for his first victory as a Bulldog since the team had a bitter loss last week to southwestern 50-0. The offense started off with some yardage, but penalties pushed the Bulldogs back, forcing them to punt.

The defense came out with some enthusiasm as they tried to rebound, but the Cardinals moved the ball down the field and scored on a 50 yard touchdown run. It was brought back for holding, and the Bulldogs were able to control them for the rest of the quarter with neither team scoring.

A minute into the 2nd, the Cardinals threw a 50 yard pass to the 2 yard line which set them up for the touchdown two plays later.  The Bulldogs defense stifled down for the rest of the quarter forcing a couple turnovers to put the offense in good positions to score, but they failed to do so. The ‘Dogs went into halftime down 7-0.

Dunbar’s offense had a rough night overall. Starting the 3rd, the Bulldogs couldn’t get anything going, so they punted it. The run game got shut down, and the few times they did try to pass the ball, Cox would get sacked.

Passing the ball could have been a key for the offense, but given how big the Cardinals defensive line and linebackers were, it appeared to be difficult for anything to go right for the offense.

The Dunbar defensive was the highlight of the teams’ night. They tried to get the team back in the game forcing multiple turnovers and even returning some of them into the enemy territory in the fourth quarter, but the Cardinals defense was too big for the Dunbar offense to overcome.

The Cardinals went on to score once more making the final score 17-0. Dunbar has still not scored a point this season.

Up Next: The Bulldogs will play at Tates Creek on Sept. 8. at 7:30 p.m.