Boys’ Soccer Defeats Lexington Christian

The Bulldogs won the Aug. 24 match 4-0.

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  • #10 Edward Navarro mid-kick.

  • Crescencio Torres, #15 prepares to kick the ball down the field through opposing players.

  • Jackson Akins runs after his opponent who stole the ball.

  • #21, Jack Rodes , dribbles the ball down the field in an attempt to score a goal.

  • #19 Pedro Jimenez runs to the middle of the field with the ball before passing it to a teammate.

  • #21 Jack Rodes rushes past an opposing player trying to block him from scoring.

  • Both teams watch as the ball is mid air in an attempt to anticipate where it will land.

  • A Dunbar player and an opposing player collide, each trying to regain control of the ball.

  • A Dunbar player runs past a fallen Lexington Christian player to make a goal as the game comes close to an end.

  • The Dunbar boys prepare to start the second half of the game.

  • A Lexington Christian player grabs a Dunbar player who is trying to get the ball down the field towards the goal.

  • Jake Heil #4 runs around a down Lexington Catholic player after recovering the soccer ball.

  • #9 Ben Oser moves to quickly kick the soccer ball through his opponents and into the goal.

  • #13 Yousef Agoub has the ball and is mid-kick in efforts of launching the ball down the field towards the goal.

  • #21 Jack Rodes attempts to kick the soccer ball around an opposing player blocking his path.

  • Pedro Jimenez, #19 starts to kick the soccer ball.

  • Kevin Jing, #22 is excited after a goal is scored while the opposing Lexington Christian players look defeated.