Boys’ Baseball: Dunbar vs LCA

The Bulldogs defeated LCA 15-1 on April 13.

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  • Before the start of the game the coaches and referees meet.

  • The boys respectfully listen as the National Anthem is played before the start of the game.

  • The players begin the game by wishing each other luck.

  • #7 Austin Shepherd pitches the ball.

  • #23 Alex Janes is up to bat.

  • The catcher #13 Lukas Connor prepares to take his position.

  • #18 Cameron Baughman with the bat.

  • #18 Cameron Baughman runs down the field.

  • #7 Austin Shepherd goes up to bat.

  • #6 Bryson Bloomer waits for the ball to be pitched to him.

  • #13 Lukas Connor stands ready to hit the ball.

  • #17 Cody Spencer runs to the next base.

  • #2 Cole Hilt is up to bat.

  • #13 Lukas Connor jumps to catch the ball after a pitch.

  • #6 Bryson Bloomer stands in the field.

  • #4 Hunter Wright watches for the ball to come his way.

  • An LCA player is up to bat and waits for the ball to be pitched while the dunbar catcher prepares to catch the ball.

  • #23 Alex Janes is given advice while in the field.

  • #7 Austin Shepherd holds the bat.

  • #13 Lukas Connor gives the baseball to the referee.

  • #7 Austin Shepherd prepares to pitch.

  • #7 Austin Shepherd and #13 Lukas Connor talk about what pitch should be played next.

  • #18 Cameron Baughman is ready to catch the ball.