PLD Sports Boys Gettin’ Fit

Spring Break is quickly approaching, and time for building a great beach body is running out.

The PLD Sports Boys are the strongest guys in the school, so they are sharing their strenuous day-to-day workouts*, flexing hard enough to pop a vein, and most importantly, looking good for the people in the gym.

Monday-Chest Day

We warm up on the treadmill at a steady five minute pace, followed by benching, because that is the only relevant workout. We start with a little warm up of 80 pound dumbbell bench press to get the blood pumping, and then the real lifting begins. We throw around some 45’s, but we don’t stop there because we are relentlessly in pursuit of the best looking spring break body in history. We pump some more iron, and then we follow our lifting session up with a couple hours of basketball–just to get shredded.

Tuesday-Arm Day

We tackle the Beaumont YMCA 6 a.m. cycling class for a nice little warm up followed by a full arm workout. Eyes are all on us, so we put on a gun show for the folks of the Y. The gun show isn’t the end though, because we don’t stop working out…ever. We run five minute miles and then finish off with body weight workouts.  

Wednesday-Leg Day

We scheduled Wednesday for legs, but we don’t do that, so we did more upper body and cardio instead–this time in the school. We had our fellow Sports Boys, seniors Matt Jones and Andres Calleja, take on the grind with us. The grind never stops, so we will continue our pursuit everywhere and anywhere.

Thursday- Arm Day

Some fitness “experts” recommend that we shouldn’t do the same workouts two days within each other, but we need our arms to be huge, so we decided to do another arm workout. Gbutue and I run again, and then workout our abs because in order to win Spring Break, our arms must be bigger than our legs and we have to have a 10 pack. 

Friday-Rest Day

Rest days are often regarded as helpful, but a day without working out is a day wasted, so we do cardio.

*Editor’s note: PLD Lamplighter doesn’t actually encourage anyone to follow the PLD Sports Boys workouts. Follow Mike and Gbutue’s advice at your own risk.