Super Bowl Preview

A sneak peek to get ready for the big game on Sunday

On February 2nd, the Super Bowl 54 will take place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. The match-up this year is between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kick-off is at 6:30 pm and for the halftime show the headliners this year are Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Along with these big names taking part in the Super Bowl performances, Demi Lovato will also sing the national anthem.

The 49ers have been in the Super Bowl 6 previous times and have 5 Super Bowl wins while the Chiefs have only been in 2 Super Bowls and come out victorious once.

 Kyle Shanahan is the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers and has been since 2017. Shanahan was the assistant coach of the Atlanta Falcons before moving to the 49ers. In 2016, he got the Falcons a SuperBowl win against the New England Patriots and was titled NFL’s assistant coach of the year. 

The 49ers’ quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, is currently 28 years old and played college football with Eastern Illinois University. He has 69.1% Completed Passes and 3978 yds in 2019. His touchdown to interception ratio is 27:13

Junior John Law is on Dunbar’s football team and plays defensive end. ”I think the 49ers will win the Super Bowl this year because their run game has been unstoppable through the playoffs and looks like a better overall team going in.” explained Law.

While the 49ers seem to have the upper hand here according to stats, many people are rooting for the underdog to take the win.

Andy Reid is the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs and has been their coach since 2013. He went to the SuperBowl in 2005 while coaching the Philadelphia Eagles, but did not come out with a win. 

Most people believe the 49ers will take home the win this year, but a few still have faith in the Chiefs. “The Chiefs will win because they have the best quarterback and passing offense in the world while the 49ers have a subpar passing offense.” expressed Junior Jack Swanagin.

The Chiefs’ quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, is currently 24 years old and played college football with Texas Tech University before going into the NFL. He has 65.9% Completed Passes and thrown for 4031 yds in 2019; his touchdown to interception ratio is 26:5. 

Due to the talent Mahomes possesses, this shows another reason why many people are rooting for the Chiefs this Sunday. “I think the Chiefs will win. I think they will win because of there offensive stats and there quarterback Patrick Mahomes. They have a great offensive line and their running backs have outstanding score averages. Patrick Mahomes has made lots of great plays this season and will continue that in the super bowl.” Sophomore Hattie Maloney said.

However, many people are stumped and have no clue how this year’s Super Bowl will turn out. “It seemed like the 49ers had a good season plus they beat the Packers and the Packers were a pretty difficult team to beat. But then, on the other hand, the Chiefs kinda came back and smacked the Titans.” Senior Cal Howard expressed. “ It’ll probably be a very close and interesting game to watch because no one really saw either of these teams going all the way.” 

No matter who wins Sunday night, it will for sure be something no one wants to miss out on watching. Whether you are watching to root on a certain team or to watch all the new commercials or maybe only for the halftime show. Everyone should definitely tune in to watch this year’s Super Bowl.