Bulldogs Defeat Station

Winning with a close score of 74-69, the Bulldogs take home yet another win.

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  • Isaiah Yeast scores a basket at the beginning of the game.

  • Dunbar Cheerleaders raise their poms to support a dunbar basketball player throwing a free throw.

  • Javea Richardson sprints past an opposing player to get to make a basket.

  • Star Ifeacho is caught in the midst of both teams fighting for the ball.

  • JaQuice Gray dashes past a Bryan Station player in an attempt to get to the basket.

  • Dunbar Cheerleaders support their team during a time out in the game.

  • Taveion Hollingsworth dribbles the ball down the court.

  • Taveion Hollingsworth prepares to throw the ball into the basket.

  • Javea Richardson makes a basket after half-time.

  • Star Ifeacho congratulates Taveion Hollingsworth after the commentator announces Hollingsworth holds the record for most points being scored by a Dunbar basketball player.

  • The dog pound shows school spirit by wearing pajamas.

  • Isaiah Yeast goes up for a basket as the dog pound anxiously watches to see if he scores.

  • Dunbar dancer Makensie McCoun performs with her teammates during half-time.

  • Star Ifeacho watches as JaQuice Gray dribbles the ball.

  • Taveion Hollingsworth scores a basket against the opposing team.

  • JaQuice Gray looks back alarmed as a Bryan Station player steals the ball.

  • Star Ifeacho takes a moment to think about how he will get past the Bryan Station defense.

  • Isaiah Yeast and Star Ifeacho help each other get the ball into the basket.

  • Javea Richardson runs around Bryan Station players to get down to the basket.

  • The players gather under the basket to watch as the ball goes in and prepare to grab the ball when it comes back down.

  • Taveion Hollingsworth pulls the ball away from a Bryan Station player.