The Importance of Extracurricular Activities

Getting involved in outside of school sports and clubs are very important.

Many people don’t ever think about or consider extracurriculars to be a big part of high school, but they are. It could be something as simple as joining an after school activity such as recycling club, or a more advanced activity like Beta club.

“Extracurriculars help you focus on fun things instead of stressful things. You start thinking about what you’re doing rather than thinking about school work and tests,” freshman John Sader said.

I am on the Dunbar soccer and swim teams. Both of these activities are something I have been interested in all my life, so joining them in high school was no big deal to me. Everyone has something that they enjoy doing or being involved in, all you have to do is find that activity at school and reach out to get involved.

Being on the soccer and swim teams have allowed me to meet so many new people and experience things I never could have experienced without taking part in these activities.

Not only are extracurriculars fun, but they are also a crucial part of high school. They make you look like a more studies person who gets involved and is not lazy. When applying for jobs, internships, or colleges, whoever is in charge of hiring pays attention to the number of extracurriculars you are or have been involved in.

“They help you socialize and make you make friends you aren’t with every day. They also help you distress from school. It gives you a unique and different experience in school and they look great on college applications,” freshman Jaris Bloomdoyle said. 

Being involved in one more thing, could be the difference of you getting into college versus someone else. If you have the same GPA and ACT score as another student applying to get into a college, they are more than likely going to pick the student that gets involved around their school and community.

Students also often feel like being in school and being stressed can make you seem like you don’t have a purpose in life. Mrs. Williams, a history teacher here at Dunbar agrees,

“They help make kids feel like they are a part of something bigger, and helps them to feel like they belong. They help teach you responsibility and teamwork and being on time. Life skills are important and extracurricular activities help kids to learn those things.”

You may think things like this don’t matter, but they do. Many high school teens are known for taking the easy way out, which I can be guilty of sometimes as well. But, you will regret decisions like these when the time comes for it to really matter.