Do’s and Dont’s of Halloween

How to be the most talked about neighbor in all the RIGHT ways


As Halloween gets closer, little kids across the country are getting excited about dressing up for a night, dedicated to collecting a pillowcase full of candy.  However, as they take stock of their hard-earned loot, some are disappointed to find crazy things their neighbors have handed out.  To make sure you do not end up on the “Weird Neighbor List,” here’s a list of do’s and dont’s for distributing Halloween candy.

Don’t leave out a bowl.  Especially if that bowl has a note that says “Please take one.”  No one takes just one.  We all know the first kid there takes all the candy leaving none for the poor trick-or-treaters to follow.

Do compliment kids on their costumes.  Some of them put a lot of effort into having the best outfit.

Don’t hand out food that is not candy.  Pretzels and fruit snacks are not candy.  They may be a healthier option, but they just do not provide the same kind of excitement that comes from things like Hershey bars and Reese’s peanut butter cups.

Do leave the lights on so kids know you are home, and if you are not home, be sure to turn the lights off so they are not standing at your doorstep ringing the bell over and over.

Don’t hand out inedible things.  Some of you may have heard the horror story of the dentist who hands out toothbrushes for Halloween.  You may think it is funny, but for kids it is just sad.

Do be generous.  Hand out 2-3 pieces to each kid.  They earned it, marching outside in costume on a cold night.

Don’t scare the trick-or-treaters to the point where they drop their bags and take off running.  A little scare is fun, but dressing up as a murderous clown and jumping out at kids is not.

Hopefully, you found these tips informative so you will not be the neighbor all the kids are talking about on November 1.