Create Your Own Winter to Summer Fashion

Arunmani Phravorachith, Staff Reporter

T-shirt or sweater? Shorts or pants? Sandals or sneakers? Spring is about that time of the year when you’re in that awkward transition trying to figure out what to wear and still be comfortable outside. It might be thirty degrees in the morning and then mid-seventies in the afternoon. With this drastic change in temperature, you don’t want to be stuck outside sweating in a large coat. By making a few adjustments to your outfits, you can overcome this obstacle and still look totally fly at school.

There’s the obvious choice of wearing a jacket on over a t-shirt and just taking it off should it get a little warmer. You could opt for a rain jacket, a simple pullover, or a windbreaker. This could go for guys or girls.

For instance, sophomore Adam Rogers said, “I usually just wear a hoodie so that I can just take it off if it’s too hot.”

If you’ve got a mustard stain on your shirt or you’re just really excited to start the day you could wear a dress or a cute top and just throw on a cardigan over it so you won’t freeze in the morning. When it comes to guys, a nice polo shirt could work along with khaki pants or shorts depending on how cold it is.

When senior Kelsey Folsom thinks of “cute casual” she thinks of a fashionable camisole with an embroidered cardigan or casual blazer over top and boyfriend jeans that roll up.

If you prefer wearing high waters, don’t. However, if you would like to show some ankle then you can opt for some khaki shorts. Sophomore Sam Foley said, “You can’t go wrong with shorts and a button-down shirt.”

Another way to help prepare you for the oncoming transition is to organize your closet perhaps by color or by length of sleeve. To help organize her winter and summer clothes sophomore Gillian Bruce has a specific way of setting up her closet.

She said, “I set my closet after fall break to my winter and fall clothes. And then after spring break I switch my closet to my spring and summer clothes.”

However, if it happens to be a really nice day out then there are also plenty of springtime trends that are quickly gaining popularity.

A popular spring trend that’s started to come around are kimonos. They’re like cardigans except instead of being made out of cotton, kimonos are made out of a more chiffon-like material. Kimonos are extremely easy to wear and depending on where you get them from they can also be really comfortable.

Dresses with cute floral patterns are classic especially in spring. The vast majority of these spring dresses feature a skater skirt which gives it a more of a flowy look. Not only are these dresses adorable, most of them are very comfortable to wear; it’s a perfect type of dress for a sunny, but not windy spring day out.

Boho is a style that has also started to get some recognition especially boho pants. If you wanted to you could think of them as the cuter version of sweatpants because they’re loose and flowy but still extremely comfortable. Most of them have really nice tribal prints and come in a variety of colors. You can find them in the bigger shops at the mall or in online boutiques.

Most of these clothes can be found at your local Goodwill so you won’t have to spend a whole lot of money.

It can be an awkward transition from winter to summer when it comes to clothing but there are ways to make it work. Going from cold to hot doesn’t mean you have to lose your sense of style. And on those days where it’s the perfect medium, there are plenty of new springtime trends out there that you can try out.