R.I.P. Facebook

Facebook was once one of the most popular social media sites for teens. However, since social media such as Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest have become more popular, Facebook is slowly dying.

Many of us can agree that Facebook is boring now. Personally, I only get on about once a month to catch up with family. But on the other hand, I am on Snapchat and Instagram  (probably more often than I should be).

Tumblr is a site where users can re-blog pictures and quotes that they find interesting onto their own blogs. Users enjoy posting about basically anything they want. Users can create as many blogs as they want and they can customize their blogs anyway they choose. Blogs can be extremely personal or can be made for celebrities or people users admire.

“I like Tumblr because other social media is boring. There’s less drama and judgment because you don’t know the other people,” said junior Natalie Rose. “People on Tumblr are way less annoying than people on Facebook.”

Instagram is a popular site where people can post picture updates and look at photos posted by their friends or celebrities. There is also a theme for the pictures every day of the week and many users post pictures that correspond with the daily theme.

Themes include:

Man Candy Monday: The original idea was to post picture of the best looking male celebs. Now girls just use it as a way to let their crush know how they feel.

Transformation Tuesday: Usually people post a baby picture and a recent picture side-by-side to show how they have changed over the years.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Similar to Man Candy Monday, both guys and girls posts pics of female celebrities or friends that they admire or find attractive.

Throwback Thursday: Thursdays are filled with old pictures, childhood photographs and fun memories that need to be relived.

Flashback Friday: See Throwback Thursday.

Selfie Saturday and Selfie Sunday: Although these days are set for selfies, for some people, “Selfie Day” is every day. For those of you that don’t know what a selfie is, it’s a shorter way to say “self-taken photograph.”

I am addicted to Snapchat, an app you use to send your friends pictures that disappear after a set amount of time. For many people, including myself, “Snapchatting” often takes the place of texting. Snapchat has three different levels. First Level: Acquaintance. Take serious pictures by trying to look your best. Level Two: Friend. Some pictures are serious, while some are funny. Level 3: Best Friend. This level is basically a competition to see who can send the ugliest Snapchat.

“I think Snapchat is an easy way to communicate and talk to your friends without having to see them face to face if something like distance is a problem,” said junior Sabrina Bernardo.

Pinterest is a social media that resembles a pin-board. Users can “re-pin” things that they like. Pinterest is also an excellent way to find new craft and project ideas, recipes, fashion and all kinds of creative things. One of the best things about Pinterest is that it’s organized so you can easily find what you want. Pinterest users can also follow their favorite pinners and blogs.

“I like Pinterest because it’s an organized way for me to find recipes, fashion ideas, and craft ideas all in one place,” said junior Kathryn Graby.

Teenagers are tired of scrolling through Facebook and seeing the same posts over and over again. Facebook is like an opening scene from a western movie: the tumbleweed is rolling and no one is around. It’s dead.