Keith Orr Scores Touchdown Thanks to Teammates

A few weeks ago, a very heartwarming moment took place at Olivet Middle School in Michigan. Keith Orr, one of the players, suffers from learning and physical disabilities. Prior to the first home game, his teammates made a plan that would allow Orr to score the first touchdown of the season.

The coach had no knowledge of this plan. When the team was close to a touchdown, they handed the ball to Orr, who was waiting at the goal line.

“After he scored that touchdown, the stadium erupted,” said Coach Tim Jungle in an interview with their local news station, WILX 10.

With all the congratulating and praise that was directed towards Orr, it was a great day for him and his family.

“They [audience] were hooting and hollering. The kids have never celebrated a touchdown as enthusiastically as Keith’s touchdown,” said Jungle.

His mother was so proud and was smiling ear to ear because of his accomplishment. But what really made her happy was the compassion of his teammates to do such a huge, life changing thing for Orr.

“That’s what gets to me,” said Carrie Orr. “Not that my kid made a touchdown, but that these kids planned it and they wanted him to have a touchdown.”

That’s what makes this whole gesture so special.