Protests Against Trump

The Trump Rally in Lexington on Nov. 4 spurred downtown protests

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  • A unique sign that showed a play on President Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again.”

  • People conversing in the early goings of the protest before Triangle Park got packed with protesters yelling their cause.

  • The vacant lot of what was once a teaming watch party that cleared out as more republicans walked onto the stage to make speeches.

  • A photo of the protesters set up blocking Main Street at South Broadway.

  • The early goings of the protest did not feature much chanting or many people, most simply held up signs or conversed with one another.

  • Protesters were there to speak out against many Republican Party members, especially Matt Bevin, President Trump, and Mitch McConnell.

  • Many street vendors looked to take advantage of the situation and were selling everything form rubber ducks to flags in support of the president.

  • A close up of the protest at the climax of the event with many signs with slogans mocking the president.

  • The early hours of the protest when the chants were brewing and the tensions started to rise.

  • A man holding a sign present at the climax of the protest using a play on the president’s name.

  • Hundreds of protesters filled Triangle Park in downtown Lexington to make their voices heard on the issues they believed to be important.

  • A man posing as Abraham Lincoln displaying signs with some of Lincoln’s more famous quotes on them with a small group of protesters behind him.

  • Two women holding a sign using a play on words, using the word “Trump” to mean both the name of the president and the word meaning to overcome and beat.

  • One of the many signs depicting a variant of the night’s most common chant, “Lock him up.”

  • Many of President Trump’s supporters filling into Rupp Arena, which was near capacity at 20,500.